The New New South

Politics and Society in the South

by Earl Black and Merle Black

St. Cory and the Evil Rose

Imelda Marcos

by Carmen Navarro Pedrosa

Cory Aquino: The Story of a Revolution

by Lucy Komisar

True Confessions

How I Grew

by Mary McCarthy

Before the Revolution

King Solomon's Mines Revisited: Western Interests and the Burdened History of South Africa

by William Minter

Black and Gold

by Anthony Sampson

South Africa: Time of Agony, Time of Destiny

by Martin Murray

The Politics of Economic Power in Southern Africa

by Ronald T. Libby

A Family Fortune

The Afternoon Sun

by David Pryce-Jones

The Monstrous Itch

Private Domain

by Paul Taylor

Leviathan’s Program

The Society of Mind

by Marvin Minsky

A Question of Upbringing?

Anne Boleyn

by Eric W. Ives

Louis XIII: The Making of a King

by Elizabeth Wirth Marvick

Anne of Austria: Queen of France

by Ruth Kleinman

From World War to Cold War

Armed Truce: The Beginnings of the Cold War 1945–46

by Hugh Thomas

British Policy Towards the Soviet Union During the Second World War

by Martin Kitchen

The Iron Curtain: Churchill, America, and the Origins of the Cold War

by Fraser J. Harbutt

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