The Great Pretender

Reagan's America: Innocents at Home

by Garry Wills

The Chopin Touch

Fryderyk Chopin: Pianist from Warsaw

by William G. Atwood

Chopin: Pianist and Teacher as Seen by his Pupils

by Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, translated by Naomi Shohet, translated by Krysia Osostowicz and Roy Howat, edited by Roy Howat

Visions and Revisions

The Messiah of Stockholm

by Cynthia Ozick


by J.M. Coetzee

Gorbachev the Bold

Shadows and Whispers: Power Politics Inside the Kremlin from Brezhnev to Gorbachev

by Dusko Doder

A Neo-Victorian Romance

Marriage and Morals Among the Victorians

by Gertrude Himmelfarb

The Death Doctors

The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide

by Robert Jay Lifton

Mengele: The Complete Story

by Gerald L. Posner and John Ware

Auschwitz: An Eyewitness Account of Mengele's Infamous Death Camp

by Dr. Miklos Nyiszli, translated by Tibère Kremer and Richard Seaver, with a foreword by Bruno Bettelheim

Letters from Westerbork

by Etty Hillesum, introduction and notes by Jan G. Gaarlandt, translated by Arnold J. Pomerans

Renaissance Beauties

Lives of the Courtesans: Portraits of the Renaissance

by Lynne Lawner

The Metaphor and the Rock

Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle: Myth and Metaphor in the Discovery of Geological Time

by Stephen Jay Gould

"Is Uniformitarianism Necessary?"

by Stephen Jay Gould

"Punctuated Equilibria: An Alternative to Phyletic Gradualism,"

by Stephen Jay Gould, with Niles Eldredge. in T.J.M. Schopf, ed. Models in Paleobiology

Ontogeny and Phylogeny

by Stephen Jay Gould

Ever Since Darwin: Reflections in Natural History

by Stephen Jay Gould

"The Spandrels of San Marcos and the Panglossian Paradigm: A Critique of the Adaptationist Programme,"

by Stephen Jay Gould, with R.C. Lewontin. in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, B 205 (1979)

The Panda's Thumb: More Reflections in Natural History

by Stephen Jay Gould

The Mismeasure of Man

by Stephen Jay Gould

Hen's Teeth and Horse's Toes

by Stephen Jay Gould

The Flamingo's Smile: Reflections in Natural History

by Stephen Jay Gould

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The Invisible Fist

Aggression and Community:Paradoxes of Andalusian Culture

by David D. Gilmore

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