Et Tu, Anthony

Conspiracy of Silence: The Secret Life of Anthony Blunt

by Barrie Penrose and Simon Freeman

Riding the Bronze Horse


by Leonid Borodin, translated by David Floyd

Pushkin House

by Andrei Bitov, translated by Susan Brownsberger

Dreams of the Sixties

If I had a Hammer: The Death of the Old Left and the Birth of the New Left

by Maurice Isserman

'Democracy is in the Streets': From Port Huron to the Siege of Chicago

by James Miller

Passion and Humdrum

The Letters of Alfred Lord Tennyson: Volume II, 1851–1870

edited by Cecil Y. Lang, edited by Edgar F. Shannon Jr.

Tennyson: The Muses' Tug-of-War

by Daniel Albright

Ruskin Retrouvé

On Reading Ruskin: Prefaces to 'La Bible d'Amiens' and 'Sésame et les Lys' with Selections from the Notes to the Translated Texts

by Marcel Proust, translated and edited by Jean Autret and William Burford and Phillip J. Wolfe, with an introduction by Richard Macksey

Prodigal Son

Sergei Prokofiev: A Biography

by Harlow Robinson

The Next Best Man

Anthony Eden

by Robert Rhodes James

Tight Little Island


by Jonathan Raban

Original Sen

Choice, Welfare and Measurement

by Amartya Sen

Resources, Values and Development

by Amartya Sen

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