The Emperor’s Clothes

Minds at War: Nuclear Reality and the Inner Conflicts of Defense Policymakers

by Steven Kull

The End of the Chinese Revolution

What Deng Xiaoping failed to comprehend is that Tiananmen Square 1989 was virtually the mirror opposite of the Cultural Revolution.

Bad Behavior


by Paul Johnson

Precious Stones

Imperial Spoils: The Curious Case of the Elgin Marbles

by Christopher Hitchens, with essays by Robert Browning and Graham Binns

The Elgins, 1766–1917: A Tale of Aristocrats, Proconsuls and Their Wives

by Sydney Checkland

Democrats on the Take

Fluctuating Fortunes: The Political Power of Business in America

by David Vogel

Honest Graft: Big Money and the American Political Process

by Brooks Jackson

The Real Japan

The Enigma of Japanese Power: People and Politics in a Stateless Nation

by Karel van Wolferen

Trading Places: How We Allowed Japan to Take the Lead

by Clyde V. Prestowitz Jr.

The Raw and the Cooked

Dead Languages

by David Shields

A Prayer for Owen Meany

by John Irving

Artemisia’s Revenge?

Artemisia Gentileschi: The Image of the Female Hero in Italian Baroque Art

by Mary D. Garrard

Pietro Testa, 1612–1650: Prints and Drawings (November–December 1988) by Elizabeth Cropper

catalog of an exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, with essays by Charles Dempsey and Francesco Solinas and Anna Nicolò and Francesca Consagra

The Parting of the Twains

Dark Twins: Imposture and Identity in Mark Twain's America

by Susan Gillman

Mark Twain and Science: Adventures of a Mind

by Sherwood Cummings

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