Behind Closed Doors

A History of Private Life Volume III: Passions of the Renaissance edited by Roger Chartier, translated by Arthur Goldhammer

Struggle Over the Puritans

The Puritan Ordeal by Andrew Delbanco

To Live Ancient Lives: The Primitivist Dimension in Puritanism by Theodore Dwight Bozeman

Worlds of Wonder, Days of Judgment: Popular Religious Belief in Early New England by David D. Hall

Putting Pound Together

A Serious Character: The Life of Ezra Pound by Humphrey Carpenter

Ezra Pound: The Solitary Volcano by John Tytell

The American Ezra Pound by Wendy Stallard Flory

The Genealogy of Demons: Anti-Semitism, Fascism, and the Myths of Ezra Pound by Robert Casillo

Pound/The Little Review: The Letters of Ezra Pound to Margaret Anderson edited by Thomas L. Scott, edited by Melvin J. Friedman, edited by Jackson R. Bryer

Ezra Pound and Margaret Cravens: A Tragic Friendship, 1910–1912 edited by Omar Pound, edited by Robert Spoo