Rabbit Undone

Licks of Love: Short Stories and a Sequel

by John Updike

All in the Family

An American Family: The Kennans
The First Three Generations

by George F. Kennan

The Hunger Artist

The Body Artist

by Don DeLillo

Schools: The Price of ‘Progress’

Left Back: A Century of Failed School Reforms

by Diane Ravitch

Farce & Philosophy

Stories & Remarks

by Raymond Queneau, with a preface by Michel Leiris, translated and with an introduction by Marc Lowenthal

The Bark Tree[Le Chiendent]

by Raymond Queneau, translated from the French by Barbara Wright


by Raymond Queneau,translated from the French by Carol Sanders

Raymond Queneau (1985)

by Allen Thiher

Exercises in Style

by Raymond Queneau,translated from the French by Barbara Wright

Zazie[Zazie dans le métro]

by Raymond Queneau, translated from the French by Barbara Wright

å?uvres complètes, Volume One

by Raymond Queneau, edited by Claude Debon

We Always Treat Women Too Well [On est toujours trop bon avec les femmes]

by Raymond Queneau. translated from the French by Barbara Wright

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The Heroes of Kwangju

Kwangju Diary: Beyond Death, Beyond the Darkness of the Age

by Lee Jai-eui, translated from the Korean by Kap Su Seol and Nick Mamatas

The Kwangju Uprising: Eyewitness Press Accounts of Korea's Tiananmen

edited by Henry Scott-Stokesand Lee Jai-eui, with a foreword by President Kim Dae-jung

Star Trek

Cardano's Cosmos: The Worlds and Works of a Renaissance Astrologer

by Anthony Grafton

Giordano Bruno and Renaissance Science

by Hilary Gatti

Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love

by Dava Sobel

The Sun in the Church: Cathedrals as Solar Observatories

by J.L. Heilbron

Intensive Care

The Diagnosis

by Alan Lightman

Einstein's Dreams

by Alan Lightman

Good Benito

by Alan Lightman

Dance for Two

by Alan Lightman

Could the French Have Won?

Strange Victory: Hitler's Conquest of France

by Ernest R. May

The World Seen and Half-Seen

The Hill Bachelors

by William Trevor

Death in Summer (1998)

by William Trevor

After Rain (1996)

by William Trevor

Excursions in the Real World (1994)

by William Trevor

Felicia's Journey (1994)

by William Trevor

The Collected Stories (1993)

by William Trevor

Two Lives (1991)

by William Trevor

Nights at the Alexandra (1987)

by William Trevor

Fools of Fortune (1983)

by William Trevor

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The Great Narayan

The English Teacher (1945)

by R.K. Narayan

Swami and Friends (1935)

by R.K. Narayan

The Bachelor of Arts (1937)

with an introductionby Graham Greene

The Dark Room (1938)

by R.K. Narayan

Mr. Sampath: The Printer of Malgudi (1949)

by R.K. Narayan

Waiting for the Mahatma (1955)

by R.K. Narayan

The Vendor of Sweets (1967)

by R.K. Narayan

The Painter of Signs (1977)

by R.K. Narayan

My Dateless Diary: An American Journey (1988)

by R.K. Narayan

The Financial Expert (1952)

by R.K. Narayan

The Guide (1958)

by R.K. Narayan

My Days (1973)

by R.K. Narayan

Malgudi Days (1982)

by R.K. Narayan

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Beyond the Fringe

At George W. Bush’s 2001 inauguration, the National Mall was cordoned off by chainlink fencing for the first time ever. Such stringent measures may have been inconsistent with America’s ideals, but not, apparently, with its laws.

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