On the West Wing

Bush at War

by Bob Woodward

The Right Man: The Surprise Presidency of George W. Bush

by David Frum

The Tiny Grandeur of Max Beerbohm

Max Beerbohm: A Kind of a Life

by N. John Hall

The Future Needs Us!


by Michael Crichton

The Bad Boy of Athens


by Euripides, directed by Deborah Warner

The Children of Herakles

by Euripides, directed by Peter Sellars

Hello, Dolly!

Edison's Eve: A Magical History of the Quest for Mechanical Life

by Gaby Wood

Flesh and Machines: How Robots Will Change Us

by Rodney A. Brooks

Tsvetaeva: The Tragic Life

Earthly Signs: Moscow Diaries, 1917–1922

by Marina Tsvetaeva, edited, translated, and with an introduction by Jamey Gambrell


by Marina Tsvetaeva, translated and with an introduction by Robin Kemball

Creating the Revolution

To Begin the World Anew: The Genius and Ambiguities of the American Founders

by Bernard Bailyn

Education in the Forming of American Society: Needs and Opportunites for Study

by Bernard Bailyn

The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution

by Bernard Bailyn

The Ordeal of Thomas Hutchinson

by Bernard Bailyn

The Peopling of British North America: An Introduction

by Bernard Bailyn

Voyagers to the West: A Passage in the Peopling of America on the Eve of the Revolution

by Bernard Bailyn, with Barbara DeWolfe

The New England Merchants in the Seventeenth Century

by Bernard Bailyn

Pamphlets of the American Revolution

edited by Bernard Bailyn and Jane N. Garrett

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Noble Shadow

Ermengard of Narbonne and the World of the Troubadours

by Fredric L. Cheyette

Turgenev’s Banana

On Being Ill

by Virginia Woolf, with an introduction by Hermione Lee

In the Land of Pain

by Alphonse Daudet, edited and translated from the Frenchby Julian Barnes

Devotions upon Emergent Occasions and Death's Duel

by John Donne, with a preface by Andrew Motion

A Memorial of the Last Days on Earth of Emily Gosse by Her Husband Philip Henry Gosse, FRS

by Philip Henry Gosse

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