The Artful Clarks

The Clark Brothers Collect: Impressionist and Early Modern Paintings Catalog of the exhibition by Michael Conforti, James A. Ganz, Neil Harris, Sarah Lees, Gilbert T. Vincent, and others.

Thanks for the Memory

In Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind by Eric R. Kandel

Another Day in the Frontal Lobe: A Brain Surgeon Exposes Life on the Inside by Katrina Firlik

The Prisoners Speak

The Road to Guantánamo a film directed by Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross

Enemy Combatant: My Imprisonment at Guantánamo, Bagram, and Kandahar by Moazzam Begg with Victoria Brittain

Guantánamo and the Abuse of Presidential Power by Joseph Margulies

Islam in Europe

Murder in Amsterdam: The Death of Theo Van Gogh and the Limits of Tolerance by Ian Buruma

The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Aid: Can It Work?

The White Man’s Burden: Why the West’s Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good by William Easterly

The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time by Jeffrey D. Sachs

Millions Saved: Proven Successes in Global Health by Ruth Levine and the What Works Working Group, with Molly Kinder

The Trouble with Africa: Why Foreign Aid Isn’t Working by Robert Calderisi

Africa’s Stalled Development: International Causes and Cures by David K. Leonard and Scott Straus

Rediscovering a Lost Continent

Italy Illuminated by Flavio Biondo, edited and translated by Jeffrey White

Invectives by Francesco Petrarca, edited and translated by David Marsh

Humanist Educational Treatises edited and translated by Craig W. Kallendorf

Biographical Writings by Giannozzo Manetti, edited and translated by Stefano U. Baldassarri and Rolf Bagemihl

Commentaries by Pius II, edited by Margaret Meserve and Marcello Simonetta

Later Travels by Cyriac of Ancona, edited and translated by Edward W. Bodnar with Clive Foss

History of the Florentine People by Leonardo Bruni, edited and translated by James Hankins

Platonic Theology by Marsilio Ficino, edited by James Hankins with William Bowen and translated by Michael J. B. Allen with John Warden

On Discovery by Polydore Vergil, edited and translated by Brian P. Copenhaver

Humanist Comedies edited and translated by Gary R. Grund

Short Epics by Maffeo Vegio, edited and translated by Michael C. J. Putnam with James Hankins

Silvae by Angelo Poliziano, edited and translated by Charles Fantazzi

Letters by Angelo Poliziano, edited and translated by Shane Butler

Cheney: The Fatal Touch

A Very Thin Line: The Iran-Contra Affairs by Theodore Draper

Against All Enemies: Inside America’s War on Terror by Richard A. Clarke

Burn Before Reading: Presidents, CIA Directors, and Secret Intelligence by Admiral Stansfield Turner

Disarming Iraq by Hans Blix

The Halliburton Agenda: The Politics of Oil and Money by Dan Briody

My Year in Iraq: The Struggle to Build a Future of Hope by L. Paul Bremer III, with Malcolm McConnell

Now It’s My Turn: A Daughter’s Chronicle of Political Life by Mary Cheney

The One Percent Doctrine: Deep Inside America’s Pursuit of Its Enemies Since 9/11 by Ron Suskind

Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward

The Rise and Rise of Richard B. Cheney: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Most Powerful Vice President in American History by John Nichols

Rise of the Vulcans: The History of Bush’s War Cabinet by James Mann

Report of the Congressional Committees Investigating the Iran-Contra Affair, with Supplemental, Minority, and Additional Views

31 Days: The Crisis That Gave Us the Government We Have Today by Barry Werth

Torture and Truth: America, Abu Ghraib, and the War on Terror by Mark Danner

Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush by John W. Dean

Years of Renewal by Henry Kissinger


Joan Didion is the author, most recently, of Blue Nights and The Year of Magical Thinking, among seven other works of nonfiction. Her five novels include A Book of Common Prayer and Democracy.
 (May 2016)

Mark Ford’s fourth collection of poetry, Enter, Fleeing, was published last year.
 (July 2019)

Timothy Garton Ash is Professor of European Studies and Isaiah Berlin Professorial Fellow at St. Antony’s College, Oxford, and a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford. A new edition of his book The Magic Lantern: The Revolution of ’89 Witnessed in Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin, and Prague will be published this fall.
 (October 2019)

Anthony Grafton is Henry Putnam University Professor of History and the Humanities at Princeton University. His most recent book is The Culture of Correction in Renaissance Europe.

John Gray is Emeritus Professor of European Thought at the London School of Economics. His book Seven Types of Atheism was published last year. (December 2019)

Sue Halpern is a regular contributor to The New York Review and a Scholar-in-Residence at Middlebury. Her latest book is a novel, ­Summer Hours at the Robbers Library.
 (December 2019)

Nicholas D. Kristof is a columnist for The New York Times. His most recent book, with his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, is A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity.
 (April 2016)

Thomas Nagel is University Professor Emeritus at NYU. He is the author of The View From Nowhere, Mortal Questions, and Mind and Cosmos, among other books.
 (March 2019)

Joyce Carol Oates’s most recent book is Hazards of Time Travel. She is currently a Visiting Professor in the English Department at the University of California at Berkeley. (May 2019)

Jonathan Raban’s books include Surveillance, My Holy War, Arabia, Old Glory, Hunting Mister Heartbreak, Bad Land, Passage to Juneau, and Waxwings. His most recent book is Driving Home: An American Journey, published in 2011. He is the recipient of the National Book Critics Circle Award, the Heinemann Award of the Royal Society of Literature, the PEN/West Creative Nonfiction Award, the Pacific Northwest Booksellers’ Award, and the Governor’s Award of the State of Washington. He is a frequent contributor to The New York Review of Books, The Guardian, and The Independent. He lives in Seattle.

Charles Rosen was a pianist and music critic. In 2011 he was awarded a National Humanities Medal.

Charles Simic has been Poet Laureate of the United States. Come Closer and Listen, his latest book of poems, will be out next year. (August 2018)

Robert Skidelsky is Emeritus Professor of Political Economy at Warwick University, England. His latest book is How Much Is Enough?: Money and the Good Life with Edward Skidelsky. He is the author of a three-volume biography of John Maynard Keynes.
 (April 2014)

John Updike (1932–2009) was born in Shillington, Pennsylvania. In 1954 he began to publish in The New Yorker, where he continued to contribute short stories, poems, and criticism until his death. His major work was the set of four novels chronicling the life of Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom, two of which, Rabbit is Rich and Rabbit at Rest, won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. His last books were the novel The Widows of Eastwick and Due Considerations, a collection of his essays and criticism.