Too Little, Too Late: Why?

After the Music Stopped: The Financial Crisis, the Response, and the Work Ahead by Alan S. Blinder

Bull by the Horns: Fighting to Save Main Street from Wall Street and Wall Street from Itself by Sheila Bair

Bailout: An Inside Account of How Washington Abandoned Main Street While Rescuing Wall Street by Neil Barofsky

An Astonishing Record of a Vast Collection

The Robert Lehman Collection Metropolitan Museum of Art/Princeton University Press;

I. Italian Painting by John Pope-Hennessy, assisted by Laurence B. Kanter

II. Fifteenth- to Eighteenth-Century Paintings by Charles Sterling, Maryan W. Ainsworth, Charles Talbot, Martha Wolff, Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann, Jonathan Brown, and John Hayes

III. Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Painting by Richard R. Brettell, Paul Hayes Tucker, and Natalie H. Lee

IV. Illuminations by Sandra Hindman, Mirella Levi d’Ancona, Pia Palladino, and Maria Francesca Saffiotti

V. Italian Fifteenth- to Seventeenth-Century Drawings by Anna Forlani Tempesti

VI. Italian Eighteenth-Century Drawings by James B. Shaw and George Knox

VII. Fifteenth- to Eighteenth-Century European Drawings by Egbert Haverkamp-Begemann, Mary Taverner Holmes, Fritz Koreny, Donald Posner, and Duncan Robinson

VIII. American Drawings and Watercolors by Carol Clark

IX. Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century European Drawings by Richard R. Brettell, Françoise Forster-Hahn, Duncan Robinson, and Janis A. Tomlinson

X. Italian Majolica by Jörg Rasmussen

XI. Glass by Dwight P. Lanmon and David B. Whitehouse

XII. European Sculpture and Metalwork by Frits Scholten

XIII. Frames by Timothy Newbery

XIV. European Textiles by Christa C. Mayer Thurman

XV. Decorative Arts by Wolfram Koeppe, Clare Le Corbeiller, William Rieder, Charles Truman, Suzanne G. Valenstein, and Clare Vincent

Warrior Petraeus

All In: The Education of General David Petraeus by Paula Broadwell, with Vernon Loeb

The Insurgents: David Petraeus and the Plot to Change the American Way of War by Fred Kaplan

The Fourth Star: Four Generals and the Epic Struggle for the Future of the United States Army by David Cloud and Greg Jaffe

The Generals: American Military Command from World War II to Today by Thomas E. Ricks

Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam by Nick Turse

Westmoreland: The General Who Lost Vietnam by Lewis Sorley

The American Military and the Lessons of Vietnam: A Study of Military Influence and the Use of Force in the Post-Vietnam Era by David Howell Petraeus

The Centurions by Jean Lartéguy, translated from the French by Xan Fielding


Christopher Benfey is the Mellon Professor of English at Mount Holyoke. He is the author of five books, including Red Brick, Black Mountain, White Clay: Reflections on Art, Family, and Survival and, most recently, IF: The Untold Story of Kipling’s American Years. (July 2020)

Michael Chabon lives and works in Berkeley and Los Angeles. (September 2019)

Martin Filler’s article “The Dark Lady of High Tech,” which appeared in The New York Times Magazine (January 27, 1980), was one of the first critical reappraisals of Eileen Gray’s career to appear in the popular press after her death. (September 2020)

Ian Frazier is the author of eleven books, including Great Plains, Family, On the Rez, and Travels in Siberia.
 (March 2020)

Walter Kaiser was formerly Director of Villa I Tatti, the ­Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies in Florence. (October 2015)

Daniel J. Kevles is Professor of History Emeritus at Yale, a visiting scholar at NYU Law School, and a sometime lecturer at the Columbia School of Journalism. His works include The Physicists, In the Name of Eugenics, and, most recently, Heirloom Fruits of America: Selections from the USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection.
 (July 2020)

Michael Lewis is the author of Boomerang, Liar’s Poker, The New New Thing, Moneyball, Coach, The Blind Side, Home Game, and The Big Short, among other works.
 (March 2013)

Jeff Madrick is the Director of the Bernard L. Schwartz Rediscovering Government Initiative at the Century Foundation and the Editor of Challenge. His most recent book is Seven Bad Ideas: How Mainstream Economists Damaged America and the World. (June 2018)

Joyce Carol Oates’s most recent book is Hazards of Time Travel. She is currently a Visiting Professor in the English Department at the University of California at Berkeley. (May 2019)

Thomas Powers’s books include The Man Who Kept the ­Secrets: Richard Helms and the CIA and Intelligence Wars: American Secret History from Hitler to al-Qaeda. (June 2019)

Michael Scammell is the author of biographies of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Arthur Koestler, and has translated many books from Russian. He is now working on a memoir. (April 2016)

Cass Sunstein is the Robert Walmsley University ­Professor at Harvard. His latest book, Too Much Information, will be published in the fall.
 (April 2020)

Helen Vendler is the Arthur Kingsley Porter University Professor Emerita in the Department of English at Harvard. Her latest book is The Ocean, the Bird, and the Scholar, a collection of essays. (December 2019)