A Partnership with China to Avoid World War

How did we reach this point of global disorder?

Catching Hold of the Devious City

The New York School: Photographs, 1936–1963

by Jane Livingston

Saul Leiter: Early Black and White

with essays by Max Kozloff and Jane Livingston

In No Great Hurry: 13 Lessons in Life with Saul Leiter

a documentary film by Tomas Leach

Saul Leiter: Early Color

with an introduction by Martin Harrison

Saul Leiter: Retrospektive

edited by Ingo Taubhorn and Brigitte Woischnik, with essays by Adam Harrison Levy, Vince Aletti, Margit Erb, and others

Trapped in the Virtual Classroom

To what extent are the uniquely human elements of our lives the result of spontaneous or unplanned experience?

The High Publishing Life


by Jonathan Galassi

The Rule of Boko Haram

‘Boko Haram: Inside Nigeria’s Unholy War’ by Mike Smith

Boko Haram: Inside Nigeria’s Unholy War

by Mike Smith

A Different Story of What Shaped America

The Origins of American Religious Nationalism

by Sam Haselby

How You Consist of Trillions of Tiny Machines

Life’s Engines: How Microbes Made Earth Habitable

by Paul G. Falkowski

A New History of Life: The Radical New Discoveries About the Origins and Evolution of Life on Earth

by Peter Ward and Joe Kirschvink

The Frenzy About High-Tech Talent

Are there enough jobs for all the people currently being trained in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics?

Falling Behind?: Boom, Bust, and the Global Race for Scientific Talent

by Michael S. Teitelbaum

Occupational Outlook Handbook: 2014–2015

by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

A National Talent Strategy

a report by the Microsoft Corporation

How to Secure Your H-1B Visa: A Practical Guide for International Professionals and Their US Employers

by James A. Bach and Robert G. Werner

The Smartest Kids in the World and How They Got That Way

by Amanda Ripley

Introduction to Technocracy

by Howard Scott and others

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Love, Lies, and War

The Illuminations

by Andrew O’Hagan

Our Universities: The Outrageous Reality

The relentlessly rising cost of higher education

Degrees of Inequality: How the Politics of Higher Education Sabotaged the American Dream

by Suzanne Mettler

The Student Loan Mess: How Good Intentions Created a Trillion-Dollar Problem

by Joel Best and Eric Best

Financing American Higher Education in the Era of Globalization

by William Zumeta, David W. Breneman, Patrick M. Callan, and Joni E. Finney

Locus of Authority: The Evolution of Faculty Roles in the Governance of Higher Education

by William G. Bowen and Eugene M. Tobin

Paying for the Party: How College Maintains Inequality

by Elizabeth A. Armstrong and Laura T. Hamilton

Aspiring Adults Adrift: Tentative Transitions of College Graduates

by Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa

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The Hard-Won Truth of the North

German Autumn

by Stig Dagerman, translated from the Swedish by Robin Fulton Macpherson, with a foreword by Mark Kurlansky

Island of the Doomed

by Stig Dagerman, translated from the Swedish by Laurie Thompson, with a foreword by J.M.G. Le Clézio

A Burnt Child

by Stig Dagerman, translated from the Swedish by Benjamin Mier-Cruz, with an introduction by Per Olov Enquist

Sleet: Selected Stories

by Stig Dagerman, translated from the Swedish by Steven Hartman, with a preface by Alice McDermott

A Blind Lawyer vs. Blind Chinese Power

The Barefoot Lawyer: A Blind Man’s Fight for Justice and Freedom in China

by Chen Guangcheng

The King of the Insomniacs

The Lunatic

by Charles Simic

The Life of Images: Selected Prose

by Charles Simic

Two Cheers for the Middle Ages!

Prejudice against the medieval runs deep

The Middle Ages

by Johannes Fried, translated from the German by Peter Lewis

1381: The Year of the Peasants’ Revolt

by Juliet Barker

Dark Mirror: The Medieval Origins of Anti-Jewish Iconography

by Sara Lipton

The Anatomy of Hell

On the history of the concentration camp

KL: A History of the Nazi Concentration Camps

by Nikolaus Wachsmann

Before Auschwitz: Jewish Prisoners in the Prewar Concentration Camps

by Kim Wünschmann

Ravensbrück: Life and Death in Hitler’s Concentration Camp for Women

by Sarah Helm

Female SS Guards and Workaday Violence: The Majdanek Concentration Camp, 1942–1944

by Elissa Mailänder, translated from the German by Patricia Szobar

The Liberation of the Camps: The End of the Holocaust and Its Aftermath

by Dan Stone

Forgotten Trials of the Holocaust

by Michael J. Bazyler and Frank M. Tuerkheimer

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Le Jazz Hot

After Django: Making Jazz in Postwar France

by Tom Perchard

Jazz/Black Power

by Philippe Carles and Jean-Louis Comolli, translated from the French by Grégory Pierrot

Mexicans, Spaniards, Incas, and Their Art

Imperialism and the Origins of Mexican Culture

by Colin M. MacLachlan

Painting in Latin America, 1550–1820

edited by Luisa Elena Alcalá and Jonathan Brown

A Passionate Master

La République des lettres

by Marc Fumaroli

A Tragic Heroine of the Reading Room

Eleanor Marx: A Life

by Rachel Holmes

Rescuing Wonderful Shivery Tales

The Grimm brothers and their ferocious folktales

The Complete First Edition: The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, translated from the German and edited by Jack Zipes, and illustrated by Andrea Dezsö

Grimm Legacies: The Magic Spell of the Grimms’ Folk and Fairy Tales

by Jack Zipes

Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm

by Philip Pullman

Selected Tales of the Brothers Grimm

translated from the German, selected, and with an afterword by Peter Wortsman

The Turnip Princess and Other Newly Discovered Fairy Tales

by Franz Xaver von Schönwerth, compiled, edited, and with a foreword by Erika Eichenseer, and translated from the German with an introduction and commentary by Maria Tatar

Comic, Ironic, Grieving

Collected Poems

by Mark Strand

Highly Magical History

Before and During

by Vladimir Sharov, translated from the Russian by Oliver Ready

Inside the Islamic State

Abdel Bari Atwan’s ‘Islamic State: The Digital Caliphate’

Islamic State: The Digital Caliphate

by Abdel Bari Atwan

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