White Racism and Black “Emancipation”

Means and Ends in American Abolitionism: Garrison and His Critics on Strategy and Tactics, 1834-1850 by Eileen S. Kraditor

The Frontier Against Slavery: Western Anti-Negro Prejudice and the Slavery Extension Controversy by Eugene H. Berwanger

Powder Keg: Northern Opposition to the Antislavery Movement, 1831-1840 by Lorman Ratner

Free But Not Equal: The Midwest and the Negro During the Civil War by V. Jacque Voegeli

Black Scare: The Racist Response to Emancipation and Reconstruction by Forrest G. Wood

Yankee Stepfather: General O. O. Howard and the Freedmen by William S. McFeely

Lean Creatures

Steps by Jerzy Kosinski

Up by Ronald Sukenick

Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon by Marjorie Kellogg

Yellow Flowers in the Antipodean Room by Janet Frame

Spirit of the Terror

La 1ère République by Albert Soboul

Annales Historiques de la Révolution Française

English Historians on the French Revolution by Hedva Ben-Israel