Safety Last

Thinking About Crime by James Q. Wilson

New York Cops Talk Back by Nicholas Alex

Police: Streetcorner Politicians by William Ker Muir Jr.

The Growth of Crime: The International Experience by Leon Radzinowicz and Joan King

Officer Down, Code Three 60176) by Pierce R. Brooks


Rebecca West: A Celebration help, with a critical introduction by selected from her writings by her publishers with her Samuel Hynes

Carter and Arms: No Sale

The Arms Bazaar: From Lebanon to Lockheed by Anthony Sampson

Foreign Defense Sales and Grants, Fiscal Years 1973-1975; Labor and Material Requirements of Defense/International Economic Affairs prepared by the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Report to Congress on Arms Transfer Policy from the US Senate, Committee on Foreign Relations prepared by the US Department of State, limited supply available

The Emergence of American Women

The Bonds of Womanhood: “Woman’s Sphere” in New England, 1780-1835 by Nancy F. Cott

The Feminization of American Culture by Ann Douglas

Perish the Thought: Intellectual Women in Romantic America, 1830-1860 by Susan Phinney Conrad

Dimity Convictions: The American Woman in the Nineteenth Century by Barbara Welter

Women and Equality: Changing Patterns in American Culture by William H. Chafe

The Sex Radicals: Free Love in High Victorian America by Hal D. Sears

We Were There: The Story of Working Women in America by Barbara Mayer Wertheimer

Seven Women: Portraits from the American Radical Tradition by Judith Nies

The Female Experience: An American Documentary by Gerda Lerner