Nuclear Fantasies

The Abolition by Jonathan Schell

Weapons and Hope by Freeman Dyson

The Illogic of American Nuclear Strategy by Robert Jervis

The Saving of El Salvador

Weakness and Deceit: US Policy and El Salvador by Raymond Bonner

Rift and Revolution: The Central American Imbroglio edited by Howard J. Wiarda

Violent Neighbors: El Salvador, Central America and the United States by Tom Buckley

The Morass: United States Intervention in Central America by Richard Alan White

Situación Revolucionaria y Escalada Intervencionista en la Guerra Salvadoreña DF, CP 06700) by Comandancia Generaldel FMLN

Junius Q. Publicus

The World of the Citizen in Republican Rome by Claude Nicolet, translated by P.S. Falla

The Noblest Roman: Marcus Brutus and His Reputation by M.L. Clarke