Scientist of the Fantastic

Impressions of Africa by Raymond Roussel, translated by Lindy Foord and Rayner Heppenstall

Locus Solus by Raymond Roussel, translated by Rupert Copeland Cunningham

How I Wrote Certain of My Books by Raymond Roussel, translated, with notes and a bibliography and Trevor Winkfield, with two essays on Roussel by John Ashbery, a translation of Canto III of Nouvelles Impressions d'Afrique by Kenneth Koch

Raymond Roussel by Rayner Heppenstall

The Magician

W.B. Yeats: The Poems a new edition edited by Richard J. Finneran

Editing Yeats’s Poems by Richard J. Finneran

A New Commentary on the Poems of W.B. Yeats by A. Norman Jeffares

Which Way Will Germany Go?

Wo Deutschland Liegt: Eine Ortsbestimmung by Günter Gaus

Die Fernen Nachbarn: Erfahrungen in der DDR by Klaus Bölling

From Red to Green: Interviews with New Left Review by Rudolf Bahro, translated by Gus Fagan and Richard Hurst

Cassandra by Christa Wolf, translated by Jan van Heurck

Die Deutsche Geschichte Geht Weiter by Richard von Weizsäcker

Fighting for Hope by Petra Kelly, introduction by Heinrich Böll, translated by Marianne Howarth

Judith by Rolf Hochhuth

Schwarzenberg by Stefan Heym

The Wall Jumper by Peter Schneider, translated by Leigh Hafrey