Goodbye to All That

Illustrated History of the First World War

by A.J.P. Taylor

The Strategy of Victory, 1914-1918: The Life and Times of the Master Strategist of World War I, Field Marshal Sir William Robertson

by Victor Bonham-Carter

Ordeal of Victory

by John Terraine

The First World War

by General Richard Thoumin, edited and translated by Martin Kieffer

Armageddon: 1918

by Cyril Falls

On Translating Apollinaire

Alcools: Poems 1898-1913

by Guillaume Apollinaire, translated by William Meredith, Introduction and notes by Francis Steegmuller

Kennan’s Realism

On Dealing with the Communist World

by George F. Kennan

Tootsie Rolls


by Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg

Ernest Rutherford

Rutherford and the Nature of the Atom

by E.N.da C. Andrade

Riesman in the Sixties

Abundance for What?

by David Riesman



by Albert Elsen

Two for the Money

The Shortest Route to Paradise: The Story of Charles Peace

by David Ward

The Prince of Thieves

by J.J. Lynx

Bourbon on the Rocks

Suicide of the West

by James Burnham

The Playing Fields

Gentlemanly Power: British Leadership and the Public School System

by Robert Wilkinson

On Linguistics

A Lingustic Introduction to the History of English

by Morton W. Bloomfield and Leonard Newmark

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