The Collected Works of Barry Goldwater

The Conscience of a Conservative

by Barry M. Goldwater

Why Not Victory?

by Barry M. Goldwater

Blue Cross and Private Health Insurance Coverage of Older Americans [Medicare] Committee on Aging, U.S. Senate, together with Minority and Individual Views by Senators Dirksen, Goldwater, Carlson, and Fong.

A Report by the Subcommittee on Health of the Elderly to the Special

Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, the War on Poverty Bill together with minority and individual views by Senators Goldwater, Tower, Javits, and Prouty. 88th Congress 2d S ession, Report No. 1218

Report from the Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare,

Sex and the Single Man

A Single Man

by Christopher Isherwood

Education and “Stupidity”

The Tyranny of Schooling: An Inquiry into the Problem of "Stupidity"

by Lewis A. Dexter

A Russian Soul

The Story of a Life

by Konstantin Paustovsky, translated by Joseph Barnes

The Schweitzer Legend

Verdict on Schweitzer: The Man behind the Legend of Lambarene

by Gerald McKnight

The Origins of Christianity

The Primitive Church

by Maurice Goguel, translated by H.C. Snape

Right-wing Existentialists

Creative Fidelity

by Gabriel Marcel, translated, with an Introduction and Robert Rosthal

The Existential Background of Human Dignity

by Gabriel Marcel

Daniel: Dialogues on Realization

by Martin Buber, translated, with an Introduction by Maurice Friedman

William the King

William the Conqueror

by David C. Douglas

A Southern Conscience

Mississippi: The Closed Society

by James W. Silver

The Genius of Isaac Babel

Isaac Babel: The Lonely Years, 1925-1939

edited by Nathalie Babel

T V Dinner

Understanding Media

by Marshall McLuhan

The Hundred-Dollar Misunderstanding

Michelangelo's Lost St. John: The Story of a Discovery

by Fernanda de' Maffei, preface by Henry A. LaFarge

Michelangelo the Painter

by Valerio Mariani

Bourgeois manifesto

What Is The Third Estate?

by Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès, translated by M. Blondel, edited by S.E. Finer, with an Introduction by Peter Campbell

Blood and Guts

Before the Colors Fade: Portrait of a Soldier

by Fred Ayer Jr.

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