Trompe l’Oeil

Life with Picasso

by Françoise Gilot and Carlton Lake

Waugh Revisited

A Little Learning

by Evelyn Waugh

Comedy and Beyond

The Key to My Heart: A Comedy in Three Parts

by V.S. Pritchett


by Burt Blechman

In Praise of Robert Lowell

The Old Glory

by Robert Lowell, directed by Jonathan Miller

The Language of the Dead

Tomb Sculpture

by Erwin Panofsky, edited by H.W. Janson

Engines of Mischief: The Best Children’s Books of 1964

Wally the Wordworm

by Clifton Fadiman

The Untold Adventures of Santa Claus

by Ogden Nash

How to Catch a Crocodile

by Robert Pack

How the Whale Became

by Ted Hughes


by Stephen Potter

Tom and Tabby

by John Symonds

Elisabeth the Cow Ghost

by William Pène du Bois

The Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn

by Eric von Schmidt

The King Who Loved Candy

by Peter Hughes

Meeting with a Stranger

by Duane Bradley

The Takula Tree

by Elizabeth P. Fleming

Children of Africa

by Louise A. Stinetorf

The Letter on the Tree

by Natalie Savage Carlson

A Day Without Wind

by William Mayne

The Coriander

by Eilis Dillon

The Alley

by Eleanor Estes

Harriet the Spy

by Louise Fitzhugh

I Go by Sea, I Go by Land

by P.L. Travers

Knights Beseiged

by Nancy Faulkner

Save the Khan

by B. Bartos-Höppner

The Burning of Njal

by Henry Treece

The Book of Three

by Lloyd Alexander

To Catch a Spy

by Amelia Elizabeth Walden

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Oz Country

The Machine in the Garden: Technology and the Pastoral

by Leo Marx

The Wizard of Oz and Who He Was

edited with two introductory essays by Martin Gardner and Russell B. Nye

Sir Lewis Namier

Sir Lewis Namier and John Brooke

by Charles Townshend

The Damned

The Inner Room

by Vera Randal

The Death of Marxism

World Communism

by Richard Lowenthal

Throwing up Absurd

Last Exit To Brooklyn

by Hubert Selby Jr.

Nova Express

by William S. Burroughs

The Invention of Morel

(and other stories from La Trama Celeste) by Adolfo Bioy Casares

Us He Devours

by James B. Hall

The Last Days of the Poets

The Fatal Gift of Beauty: The Final Years of Byron and Shelley

by A.B.C. Whipple

Whistler and Lautrec

Art Nocturne: The Art of James McNeill Whistler

by Denys Sutton

Lautrec by Lautrec

by P. Huisman and M.G. Dortu

Tolnay’s Michelangelo

The Art and Thought of Michelangelo

by Charles de Tolnay, translated by Nan Buranelli

A Scribble in the Air

A Concise History of Modern Sculpture

by Herbert Read

The Man in the Closet

The Life of Drama

by Eric Bentley

Merchants and Pirates

My Voyage Around the World

by Francesco Carletti, translated by Herbert Weinstock

Elizabethan Privateering

by K.R. Andrews

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