The Popularity of Chinese Patriotism

Communist China, The Early Years: 1949-55

by A. Doak Barnett

Irrational Man

Man and His Symbols

edited by C.G. Jung, with an Introduction by John Freeman

Outline of a Jungian Aesthetics

by Morris Philipson

Organization Cop

The Police Role in Racial Conflicts

by Juby E. Towler

What Price Glory?

The King and His Court

by Pierre Viansson-Ponté

Hostile Allies: FDR and Charles de Gaulle

by Milton Viorst

The History of History

Machiavelli and Guicciardini

by Felix Gilbert

Maxims and Reflections of a Renaissance Statesman

by Francesco Guicciardini, translated by Mario Domandi, with an Introduction by Nicholai Rubenstein

Where Do We Go From Here?

Continuities in Cultural Evolution

by Margaret Mead

The Future of Man

by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Dylan Thomas Today

Dylan Thomas, His Life and Work

by John Ackerman

The Days of Dylan Thomas

by Bill Read and Rollie McKenna

Dylan Thomas and Poetic Dissociation

by David Holbrook

How Much?

The Economics of Taste

by Gerald Reitlinger

Atomic Wedlock

The Great Debate: Theories of Nuclear Strategy

by Raymond Aron, translated by Ernst Pawel

A Laughing Matter


by Molière, translated by Richard Wilbur

An Old Story

Rehearsal For Reconstruction: The Port Royal Experiment

by Willie Lee Rose

A New Angus Wilson

Late Call

by Angus Wilson

Private Lives & Public Life

Lord Denning's Report

Stephen Ward Speaks

by Warwick Charlton

The Trial of Stephen Ward

by Ludovic Kennedy

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