A Curious Queen

Queen Victoria

by Elizabeth Longford

Ilya Ehrenburg’s Story

Memoirs: 1921-1941

by Ilya Ehrenburg


In a Few Hands: Monopoly Power in America

by Estes Kefauver and Irene Till

The Anonymity of Antiquity

Greece in the Bronze Age

by Emily Vermeule

The Mycenaeans

by Lord William Taylour

C. Wright Mills and the Pragmatists

Sociology and Pragmatism: The Higher Learning in America

by C. Wright Mills, edited with an Introduction by Irving Louis Horowitz

White Goddess and Black Sheep

Man Does, Woman Is

by Robert Graves

The Mad Islands and The Administrator, Two Radio Plays

by Louis MacNeice

Dickens, Our Contemporary

Dickens: From Pickwick to Dombey

by Steven Marcus

New Novels

The Jealous God

by John Braine

One Day

by Wright Morris

Full Fathom Five

by John Stewart Carter

A Christian Materialist

The Conquest of the Material World

by John Nef

Table d’Hote

The Delectable Past

by Esther B. Aresty

The Vogue Book of Menus

by Jessica Daves and Tatiana McKenna. and the Editors of Vogue

The Chamberlain Calendar of French Menus

by Narcisse, Narcissa G. and Samuel Chamberlain

Gourmet's Menu Cookbook

A Classic of Anthropology

Ancient Society

by Lewis Morgan, edited by Leslie A. White

Willey Thinking

The English Moralists

by Basil Willey

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