A Violent Country

A Sign for Cain: An Exploration in Human Violence

by Fredric Wertham M.D.

Straight Play

A Delicate Balance

by Edward Albee

A Master

Eugenio Montale: Selected Poems

Introduction by Glauco Cambon

The Great Assassination

The Road to Sarajevo

by Vladimir Dedijer

The American University: Part I

The Reforming of General Education

by Daniel Bell

The University in Transition

by James A. Perkins

Bureaucracy in Higher Education

by Herbert Stroup

Miracle Plays


edited by Richard Lewis

Bertha, and Other Plays

by Kenneth Koch

Reasons of the Heart

by Edward Dahlberg

Cipango's Hinder Door

by Edward Dahlberg

Sermons By a Man on a Ladder

Mephistopheles and the Androgyne

by Mircea Eliade

The Two and the One

by Mircea Eliade

The Myth of the Eternal Return

by Mircea Eliade

Cosmos and History

by Mircea Eliade

Patterns in Comparative Religion

by Mircea Eliade

Yoga: Immortality and Freedom

by Mircea Eliade

Birth and Rebirth

by Mircea Eliade

Rites and Symbols of Initiation

by Mircea Eliade

The Sacred and the Profane

by Mircea Eliade

Myths, Dreams and Mysteries

by Mircea Eliade

Images and Symbols

by Mircea Eliade

The Forge and the Crucible

by Mircea Eliade

Shamanism: Archiac Techniques of Ecstasy

by Mircea Eliade

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The Unpossessed

by Tess Slesinger, with an Afterword by Lionel Trilling

Towards a Better Life

by Kenneth Burke

Alive and Kicking

Marxism in Modern France

by George Lichtheim

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