Watching the World Go By

A Diplomat Looks Back

by Lewis Einstein

From Prague After Munich

by George F. Kennan

Grand Master

The Complete Prose Tales of Alexander Sergeyevitch Pushkin

translated by Gillon R. Aitken

Baron Delvig's "Northern Flowers"

by John Mercereau Jr.

Pushkin: Death of a Poet

by Walter N. Vickery


by David Magarshack

Ignoble Savages

Human Aggression

by Anthony Storr

Sanity and Survival: Psychological Aspects of War and Peace

by Jerome K. Frank

Non-Violence and Aggression: A Study of Gandhi's Moral Equivalent of War

by H.J.N. Horsburgh

Violence in the Streets

edited by Shalom Endleman

War: The Anthropology of Armed Conflict and Aggression

edited by Morton Fried, edited by Marvin Harris, edited by Robert Murphy

The Trouble I’ve Seen

A Mass for the Dead

by William Gibson

When I Was Last on Cherry Street

by Harry Roskolenko

The Terrorized

by Harry Roskolenko

Bigger or Better?

Perspectives on Economic Growth

edited by Walter Heller

Days of Marvelous Lays

A Personal Matter

byOë, Kenzaburo, Translated from the Japanese by John Nathan

The Pornographers

by Akiyuki Nozaka, Translated from the Japanese by Michael Gallagher

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