The Estate

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

The Magician of Lublin

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

The Slave

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

A Beggar in Jerusalem

by Elie Wiesel

Weimar and the Intellectuals I

Weimar Germany's Left-Wing Intellectuals: A Political History of the Weltbühne and Its Circle

by Istvan Deak

Kurt Tucholsky and the Ordeal of Germany, 1914-1935

by Harold L. Poor

Social Conservatism and the Middle Classes in Germany, 1914-1933

by Herman Lebovics

Weimar Culture: The Outsider as Insider

by Peter Gay

TV Guide


by Kenneth Clark

Oasis Poetry


by Robert Duncan

Shall We Gather at the River

by James Wright

Collected Poems

by Alan Dugan


by Adrienne Rich

The Naomi Poems: Corpse and Beans

by Saint Geraud

The Sinister Redhead

The Flight of the Wild Gander

by Joseph Campbell

Myth, Legend and Custom in the Old Testament

by Theodor H. Gaster

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