The Confidence Man

Hermit of Peking: The Hidden Life of Sir Edmund Backhouse

by Hugh Trevor-Roper

Comic Genius

The Street of Crocodiles

by Bruno Schulz, translated by Celina Wieniewska, with an introduction by Jerzy Ficowski

Inside the Leviathan

Ziyayushchiye vysoty (The Yawning Heights)

by Aleksandr Zinoviev

Three Photos of Colette

The Complete Claudine: "Claudine at School," "Claudine in Paris," "Claudine Married," "Claudine and Annie"

by Colette, translated by Antonia White

The Retreat From Love

by Colette, translated by Margaret Crosland

Chéri / The Last of Chéri

by Colette, translated by Roger Senhouse

The Evening Star

by Colette, translated by David Le Vay

The Blue Lantern

by Colette, translated by Roger Senhouse

My Mother's House / Sido

by Colette, translated by Una V. Troubridge and Enid McLeod

Break of Day

by Colette, translated by Enid McLeod

The Pure and the Impure

by Colette, translated by Herma Briffault

Mitsou / Music-Hall Sidelights

by Colette, translated by Raymond Postgate and Anne-Marie Callimachi

The Vagabond

by Colette, translated by Enid McLeod

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The Rise of Private Man

The Fall of Public Man

by Richard Sennett

Gershom Scholem and the Fate of the Jews

On Jews and Judaism in Crisis: Selected Essays

by Gershom Scholem, edited by Werner J. Dannhauser

A Fine Romance

The Secular Scripture

by Northrop Frye

Spiritus Mundi

by Northrop Frye

The Uses of Division

by John Bayley

The Sovereign Ghost

by Denis Donoghue

Who Shot Aunt Sally?

The Politics of Deference: A Study of the Mid-Nineteenth Century English Political System

by David Cresap Moore

Get a Lawyer!

The Transformation of American Law, 1780-1860

by Morton J. Horwitz

Short Reviews

The Fox of the North: The Life of Kutuzov
General of War and Peace

by Roger Parkinson

Joseph Smith: The First Mormon

by Donna Hill

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