Marcel Proust: Selected Letters (1880-1903)

edited by Philip Kolb, translated by Ralph Manheim, with an introduction by J.M. Cocking

Hitler Without His Diaries

Hitler in Vienna, 1907-1913

by J. Sydney Jones

The Nazi Machtergreifung

edited by Peter D. Stachura

The Secret Diaries of Hitler's Doctor

by David Irving

Hitler und die Endlösung: "Es ist des Führers Wunsch" of California Press next spring.

by Gerald Fleming

A Reply to Slander

The Anatomy of a Lie

by S. L. Zivs

Similar material appears in Human Rights: Continuing the Discussion

by S. L. Zivs, translated by Dudley Hagen, translated by Dmitri Belyavsky

Murder in the Monastery?

The Name of the Rose

by Umberto Eco, translated by William Weaver

Calling Dr. Thomas

The Youngest Science: Notes of a Medicine-Watcher

by Lewis Thomas

The Return of La Ronde

Arthur Schnitzler: Plays and Stories

edited by Egon Schwarz, with a foreword by Stanley Elkin

Were the Rosenbergs Framed?

Invitation to an Inquest

by Walter Schneir and Miriam Schneir

Mrs. Thatcher’s New England

The Changing Anatomy of Britain

by Anthony Sampson

The Face Behind the Lines

The Image of the Poet: British Poets and their Portraits

by David Piper

Holbein’s Faces

"Holbein and the Court of Henry VIII" Elizabeth II, Windsor Castle, at the Pierpont Morgan Library, April 21-July 30, 1983

an exhibition of drawings from the Collection of H.M. Queen

The Plague of Plagues

The Black Death: Natural and Human Disaster in Medieval Europe

by Robert S. Gottfried

What’s a Girl to Do?

The Rapes of Lucretia: A Myth and Its Transformations

by Ian Donaldson

Becoming a Heroine: Reading About Women in Novels

by Rachel M. Brownstein

The Rape of Clarissa: Writing, Sexuality and Class Struggle in Samuel Richardson

by Terry Eagleton

Blue Suede Views

All American Music: Composition in the Late Twentieth Century

by John Rockwell

Room at the Top

The Conspiracy and Death of Lin Biao

by Yao Ming-le, with an introduction by Stanley Karnow

Born Again

The First Urban Christians: The Social World of the Apostle Paul

by Wayne A. Meeks

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