Richly Flows Contingency

Flow Chart

by John Ashbery

Seeing Double

Typical American

by Gish Jen

What Was Mine

by Ann Beattie

Turn of the Screw

Cold Warrior: James Jesus Angleton, The CIA's Master Spy Hunter

by Tom Mangold

‘How to Leave a House of Slavery’

Solidarity, Solitude

by Adam Zagajewski, translated by Lillian Vallee

Between East and West: Writings from 'Kultura'

edited by Robert Kostrzewa

The Soccer War

by Ryszard Kapuscinski, translated by William Brand

Fitzgerald Revisited

The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald

edited by Matthew J Bruccoli



by David Ignatius

A Soldier of the Great War

by Mark Helprin

The Return of Film Noir!

The Seventh Victim

directed by Mark Robson

The Dark Mirror

directed by Robert Siodmak


directed by Anthony Mann

The Street With No Name

directed by William Keighley

Road House

directed by Jean Negulesco

Follow Me Quietly

directed by Richard Fleischer


directed by Max Ophuls

Gun Crazy

directed by Joseph H. Lewis

Panic in the Streets

directed by Elia Kazan

The Underworld Story

directed by Cyril Endfield

Try and Get Me

directed by Cyril Endfield

The Narrow Margin

directed by Richard Fleischer

On Dangerous Ground

directed by Nicholas Ray

Pickup on South Street

directed by Samuel Fuller

Human Desire

directed by Fritz Lang

Kiss Me Deadly

directed by Robert Aldrich

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The Case of Dr. Gallo

Virus Hunting: AIDS, Cancer, and The Human Retrovirus: A Story of Scientific Discovery

by Robert Gallo

Critics at the Top

Selected Writings 1950-1990

by Irving Howe

Minor Prophecies: The Literary Essay in the Culture Wars

by Geoffrey H. Hartman

The Uses of Error

by Frank Kermode

Versions of Pygmalion

by J. Hillis Miller

A Little Mozart Tour

Mozart: 'Prodigy of Nature'

an exhibition at The Pierpont Morgan Library May 8–August 4, 1991

Zaubertöne, Mozart in Wien 1781–1791 1990–September 15, 1991

an exhibition at the Künstlerhaus, Vienna December 6,

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