Writer’s-Writer’s Writer

Surviving: The Uncollected Writings of Henry Green

edited by Matthew Yorke

Dr. Rivlin’s Diagnosis & Mr. Clinton’s Remedy

Reviving the American Dream: The Economy, the States and the Federal Government

by Alice M. Rivlin


Mr. Smith Goes to Tokyo: Japanese Cinema Under the American Occupation, 1945–1952

by Kyoko Hirano

A Map of the East

Photographs by Leo Rubinfien

Re-Made In Japan: Everyday Life and Consumer Taste in a Changing Society

edited by Joseph J. Tobin

How to Work for a Japanese Boss

by Jina Bacarr

The Counterrevolutionary

Sto Sorok Besed s Molotovym (One Hundred Forty Talks with Molotov)

by Feliks Chuyev

Inside Gorbachev's Kremlin: The Memoirs of Yegor Ligachev

by Yegor Ligachev, translated by Catherine A. Fitzpatrick and Michele A. Berdy and Dobrochna Dyrcz-Freeman

The Old New Order

The Promise of the New South: Life After Reconstruction

by Edward L. Ayers

Out of the Blue

The Oracle at Stoneleigh Court

by Peter Taylor

Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewildered


by J. Hillis Miller

Ariadne's Thread: Story Lines

by J. Hillis Miller

The Critics Bear It Away: American Fiction and the Academy

by Frederick Crews

Double Agent: The Critic and Society

by Morris Dickstein

Thinking Across the American Grain: Ideology, Intellect, and the New Pragmatism

by Giles Gunn

A Master Materialist

La Mettrie: Medicine, Philosophy, and Enlightenment

by Kathleen Wellman

The Uses of Adversity

Daumier Drawings 26-May 2

an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, February

Daumier Drawings

by Colta Ives and Margret Stuffmann and Martin Sonnabend

The Party’s Secrets

Time for Telling Truth Is Running Out: Conversations with Zhang Shenfu

by Vera Schwarcz

A Chinese Odyssey: The Life and Times of a Chinese Dissident

by Anne F. Thurston

Chinese Village, Socialist State

by Edward Friedman and Paul G. Pickowicz and Mark Selden, with Kay Ann Johnson

Wall Power

Arts of Power: Three Halls of State in Italy, 1300–1600

by Randolph Starn and Loren Partridge

Painting, Power and Patronage: The Rise of the Professional Artist in Renaissance Italy

by Bram Kempers, translated by Beverly Jackson

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