Mutual Contempt: Lyndon Johnson, Robert Kennedy, and the Feud That Defined a Decade

by Jeff Shesol

Lyndon B. Johnson's Vietnam Papers: A Documentary Collection

edited by David M. Barrett

It Happened in Milwaukee

For the feminist academic Jane Gallop, policies that forbid consensual sex and romance between professors and students are a threat to pedagogy.

Feminist Accused of Sexual Harassment

by Jane Gallop


Iconography and Electronics upon a Generic Architecture: A View from the Drafting Room

by Robert Venturi

Broken Promises

The Rise and Fall of the Choctaw Republic

by Angie Debo

And Still the Waters Run: The Betrayal of the Five Civilized Tribes

by Angie Debo

The Road to Disappearance: A History of the Creek Indians

by Angie Debo

Geronimo: The Man, His Time, His Place

by Angie Debo

A History of the Indians of the United States

by Angie Debo

The Confusion over Cloning

Cloning Human Beings: Report and Recommendations of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission

by the National Bioethics Advisory Commission

Terror in a Small Town

Big Trouble: A Murder in a Small Western Town Sets Off a Struggle for the Soul of America

by J. Anthony Lukas

Going Half the Way

O My Land, My Friends: The Selected Letters of Hart Crane

edited by Langdon Hammer and Brom Weber

The Heart of the Matter

Slavery and the American West: The Eclipse of Manifest Destiny and the Coming of the Civil War

by Michael A. Morrison

Days of Defiance: Sumter, Secession, and the Coming of the Civil War

by Maury Klein

Behind the Lines in the Southern Confederacy

by Charles W. Ramsdell

The Confederate War

by Gary W. Gallagher

Bothered and Bewildered

Witches and Neighbors: The Social and Cultural Context of European Witchcraft

by Robin Briggs

The Witch in History: Early Modern and Twentieth-Century Representations

by Diane Purkiss

Family Secrets

Reading in the Dark

by Seamus Deane

Lady Charlotte’s Bulls

From Nineveh to New York: The Strange Story of the Assyrian Reliefs in the Metropolitan Museum and the Hidden Masterpiece at Canford School

by John Malcolm Russell

The Bloodless War

Battleground Berlin: CIA vs. KGB in the Cold War

by David E. Murphy and Sergei A. Kondrashev and George Bailey

Drunk with Love

The Song of Songs: A New Translation

with an Introduction and Commentary by Ariel Bloch and Chana Bloch, afterword by Robert Alter

America’s Caste System: Will It Change?

Liberal Racism

by Jim Sleeper

America in Black and White: One Nation, Indivisible

by Stephan Thernstrom and Abigail Thernstrom

A Country of Strangers: Blacks and Whites in America

by David K. Shipler

The Ordeal of Integration: Progress and Resentment in America's "Racial" Crisis

by Orlando Patterson

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