Byron: The Poetry of It All

The Kindness of Sisters: Annabella Milbanke and the Destruction of the Byrons

by David Crane

Byron: Life and Legend

by Fiona MacCarthy

The Prospect of War

The Threatening Storm:The Case for Invading Iraq

by Kenneth M. Pollack

The Circus of Max Beckmann

Max Beckmann: Un Peintre dans l'histoire


Catalog of the exhibition edited by Didier Ottinger

Up with Downtown

Mike Wallace’s vision for New York is as a city on a hill for the twenty-first century—a city committed to social justice, sustainable growth, and general welfare.

A New Deal for New York

by Mike Wallace

Geniuses Together

Stravinsky and Balanchine: A Journey of Invention

by Charles M. Joseph

The Awkward Age


by Booth Tarkington

Penrod and Sam

by Booth Tarkington

The Magnificent Ambersons

by Booth Tarkington

Jews and Catholics

A Moral Reckoning: The Role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust and Its Unfulfilled Duty of Repair

by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen

Men in the Moon

The Lunar Men: Five Friends Whose Curiosity Changed the World

by Jenny Uglow

The Cause that Called You

Ireland's Holy Wars: The Struggle for a Nation's Soul, 1500–2000

by Marcus Tanner


a poem

The Cradle Will Rock

The History of the European Family: Volume 1, Family Life in Early Modern Times, 1500–1789

edited by David I. Kertzer and Marzio Barbagli

Ancestors: The Loving Family in Old Europe

by Steven Ozment

Medieval Children

by Nicholas Orme

The Confidence Man

Stavisky: A Confidence Man in the Republic of Virtue

by Paul F. Jankowski

Geometrical Creatures

The Annotated Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

by Edwin A. Abbott, with an introduction and notes by Ian Stewart

Flatterland: Like Flatland, Only More So

by Ian Stewart

Cards of Identity

The Secret

by Eva Hoffman

Mission Possible?

A Bed for the Night: Humanitarianism in Crisis

by David Rieff

The Cosimos

Cosimo de' Medici and the Florentine Renaissance

by Dale Kent

The Medici, Michelangelo, and the Art of Late Renaissance Florence

by Cristina Acidini Luchinat and eleven others

Vanishing Points

The Future of the Past

by Alexander Stille

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