Overgrown Boys

J. Edgar

a film directed by Clint Eastwood

Apocalypse City

Simon Sebag Montefiore’s ‘Jerusalem: The Biography’

Jerusalem: The Biography

by Simon Sebag Montefiore

Republicans for Revolution

On Corey Robin’s ‘The Reactionary Mind’

The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin

by Corey Robin

The Catty Chronicler

Journey to the Abyss: The Diaries of Count Harry Kessler, 1880–1918

edited and translated from the German by Laird M. Easton

Egypt on the Edge

The future of Islamist-dominated Egypt

Who Was Steve Jobs?

A bully, a dissembler, a cheapskate, a deadbeat dad, a manipulator

Steve Jobs

by Walter Isaacson

A Hungry Little Boy

“Pears had a special appeal for Balzac; he often kept bushels of them at home and could eat as many as forty or fifty in a day (one February he had 1,500 pears in his cellar).”

Balzac's Omelette: A Delicious Tour of French Food and Culture with Honoré de Balzac

by Anka Muhlstein, translated from the French by Adriana Hunter

The Far-Apart Artists

Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz

My Faraway One: Selected Letters of Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz, Volume I, 1915–1933

edited by Sarah Greenough

Stieglitz and His Artists: Matisse to O'Keeffe

an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, October 13, 2011–January 2, 2012

Georgia O'Keeffe: Abstraction

edited by Barbara Haskell, with essays by Barbara Haskell, Barbara Buhler Lynes, Bruce Robertson, and Elizabeth Hutton Turner, and contributions by Sasha Nicholas

Alfred Stieglitz: A Legacy of Light

by Katherine Hoffman

A Double Game with Stalin


a play by by John Hodge, directed by Nicholas Hytner


by John Hodge

A Cheerful View of Mass Violence

The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined

by Steven Pinker

A Wild Ride Through America

Selected Poems

by Robert Pinsky

The Rise of Sacred Song

The Christian West and Its Singers: The First Thousand Years

by Christopher Page

Vengeance in Libya

Rival factions threaten Libya’s transformation into a stable democracy

The Shame of America

The Persistence of the Color Line: Racial Politics and the Obama Presidency

by Randall Kennedy

Elizabeth and Hazel: Two Women of Little Rock

by David Margolick

Do the Classics Have a Future?

How do we make the ancient world make sense to us?

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