Imaginary Friends

Michael Chabon’s ‘Telegraph Avenue’

Telegraph Avenue

by Michael Chabon

What the Democrats Have to Show

A report from the Democratic National Convention

Dave Eggers Abroad

A Hologram for the King

by Dave Eggers

Should We Have a New Constitutional Convention?

Framed: America’s Fifty-One Constitutions and the Crisis of Governance

by Sanford Levinson

Waking Up at the Movies

Pauline Kael’s life and criticism

The Age of Movies: Selected Writings of Pauline Kael

by Pauline Kael, edited by Sanford Schwartz

Pauline Kael: A Life in the Dark

by Brian Kellow

When Movies Mattered: Reviews from a Transformative Decade

by Dave Kehr

The Republicans: Behind the Barricades

Nothing so inconvenient as the truth or history was allowed to spoil the party in Tampa

The Revenge of the East?

From the Ruins of Empire: The Intellectuals Who Remade Asia

by Pankaj Mishra

The Man Who Shaped History

The International Human Rights Movement: A History

by Aryeh Neier

When Bankers Had Splendid Taste

Money and Beauty: Bankers, Botticelli and the Bonfire of the Vanities

Catalog of a recent exhibition at the Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, edited by Ludovica Sebregondi and Tim Parks

The Oligarchy in America Today

Who Stole the American Dream?

by Hedrick Smith

A Masterpiece on the Rise of Christianity

Through the Eye of a Needle: Wealth, the Fall of Rome, and the Making of Christianity in the West, 350–550 AD

by Peter Brown

The Scientist Who Made a ‘Total Turnaround’

Energy for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines

by Richard A. Muller

An Honest Writer Survives in China

China in Ten Words

by Yu Hua, translated from the Chinese by Allan H. Barr

To Live

by Yu Hua, translated from the Chinese and with an afterword by Michael Berry

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant

by Yu Hua, translated from the Chinese and with an afterword by Andrew F. Jones


by Yu Hua, translated from the Chinese and with a preface by Eileen Cheng-yin Chow and Carlos Rojas

The Past and the Punishments

by Yu Hua, translated from the Chinese and with a postscript by Andrew F. Jones

Yu Hua @

by Yu Hua

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Prison Rape: Obama’s Program to Stop It

Report on Sexual Victimization in Prisons and Jails

by the Review Panel on Prison Rape, edited by G.J. Mazza

Sexual Victimization Reported by Former State Prisoners, 2008

by Allen J. Beck and Candace Johnson

National Standards to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Prison Rape

Department of Justice, June 2012, 128 pp., available at

The Truth About World War II

The Second World War

by Antony Beevor

Stalin’s General: The Life of Georgy Zhukov

by Geoffrey Roberts

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