Elizabeth Warren’s Moment

A politician who sees society as an organic, mutually dependent whole

A Fighting Chance

by Elizabeth Warren

A World Digital Library Is Coming True!

The public should have access to knowledge produced with public funds

An Architecture of Perfect Imperfection

Lina Bo Bardi

by Zeuler R.M. de A. Lima

Lina Bo Bardi: The Theory of Architectural Practice

by Cathrine Veikos

Stones Against Diamonds

by Lina Bo Bardi, translated from the Portuguese by Anthony Doyle and Pamela Johnston

The Songs of Sergei Dovlatov

A writer who changed the boundaries of Russian literature in profound, permanent ways

Pushkin Hills

by Sergei Dovlatov, translated from the Russian by Katherine Dovlatov, with an afterword by James Wood

The Homeric MOOC: Will It Revolutionize Education?

Gregory Nagy’s ‘The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours’

The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours

by Gregory Nagy

The Smooth Path to Pearl Harbor

Eri Hotta’s ‘Japan 1941: Countdown to Infamy’

Japan 1941: Countdown to Infamy

by Eri Hotta

How Memory Speaks

When we reflect on the manifold manifestations of memory, the mundane becomes marvelous.

I Forgot to Remember: A Memoir of Amnesia

by Su Meck, with Daniel de Visé

Memory: From Mind to Molecules

by Larry R. Squire and Eric R. Kandel

Madness and Memory: The Discovery of Prions—A New Biological Principle of Disease

by Stanley B. Prusiner, MD

The Alzheimer Conundrum: Entanglements of Dementia and Aging

by Margaret Lock

The Answer to the Riddle Is Me: A Memoir of Amnesia

by David Stuart MacLean

The Brilliant Explorations of Elizabeth Spencer

Starting Over: Stories

by Elizabeth Spencer

Occupation: ‘The Finest Israeli Documentary’

The Law in These Parts

a film directed by Ra’anan Alexandrowicz

My Neighbourhood

a film directed by Julia Bacha and Rebekah Wingert-Jabi

Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel

by Max Blumenthal

A Different Road to a Fair Society

The Society of Equals

by Pierre Rosanvallon, translated from the French by Arthur Goldhammer

Two Women Who Dared

Frog Music

by Emma Donoghue

Ukraine: The Phony War?

All the omens seem to tell of war coming once again. But even at the eleventh hour it is not inevitable.

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