On the Election—I

What is to be done about the Republican Party?

On the Bombing of Aleppo

The world is witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe of historic proportions.

Why Be a Parent?

Alison Gopnik’s ‘The Gardener and the Carpenter’

The Gardener and the Carpenter: What the New Science of Child Development Tells Us About the Relationship Between Parents and Children

by Alison Gopnik

The Genius of Making It Small

The surprising, delighting, and sometimes mystifying art of Charles LeDray

Charles LeDray Works

an exhibition at the Craig F. Starr Gallery, New York City, September 9–October 29, 2016

Inside the Sacrifice Zone

Arlie Russell Hochschild’s ‘Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right’

Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right

by Arlie Russell Hochschild

On the Election—II

A struggle for political power in which, for once, all is at stake

Kierkegaard’s Rebellion

The bicentennial of Kierkegaard’s birth in 1813 has brought him surging back into view

Kierkegaard: Exposition and Critique

by Daphne Hampson

Iraq: The Terrible Battle for Mosul

The three main forces advancing toward the city are in conflict about their parts in the coming liberation.

Liszt: The Reluctant Superstar

Franz Liszt: Musician, Celebrity, Superstar

by Oliver Hilmes, translated from the German by Stewart Spencer

On the Election—III

This year’s election is not about economics. Yet economics is at the heart of the matter.

The Umpire of the Quality Lit Game

The Novel: A Survival Skill

by Tim Parks

Where I’m Reading From: The Changing World of Books

by Tim Parks

Life and Work: Writers, Readers, and the Conversations Between Them

by Tim Parks

The Closed Mind of Mitch

‘The Cynic: The Political Education of Mitch McConnell’ by Alec MacGillis

The Long Game: A Memoir

by Mitch McConnell

The Cynic: The Political Education of Mitch McConnell

by Alec MacGillis

Ben Franklin: Caught Between Worlds

Benjamin Franklin and the Ends of Empire

by Carla J. Mulford

Benjamin Franklin in London: The British Life of America’s Founding Father

by George Goodwin

Derek Walcott: ‘What the Twilight Says’

The Poetry of Derek Walcott, 1948–2013

selected by Glyn Maxwell

The Big Stash of the Big Rich: What Can We Know?

Will the revelations lead not only to prosecution, but to effective prevention of attempts to avoid paying billions in taxes?

The Panama Papers: Breaking the Story of How the Rich and Powerful Hide Their Money

by Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier

Treasure Islands: Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Banking and Tax Havens

by Nicholas Shaxson

The Offshore World: Sovereign Markets, Virtual Places, and Nomad Millionaires

by Ronen Palan

The Hidden Wealth of Nations: The Scourge of Tax Havens

by Gabriel Zucman, translated from the French by Teresa Lavender Fagan, with a foreword by Thomas Piketty

The Great Tax Robbery: How Britain Became a Tax Haven for Fat Cats and Big Business

by Richard Brooks

Something Faster Than Light? What Is It?

Spooky Action at a Distance: The Phenomenon That Reimagines Space and Time—and What It Means for Black Holes, the Big Bang, and Theories of Everything

by George Musser

Listen, Economists!

The Future of Law and Economics: Essays in Reform and Recollection

by Guido Calabresi

On the Election—IV

One way to evaluate people, a way not often given enough importance, is by a human test of the company they keep.

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