The Fire This Time

"I Do So Politely": A Voice From the South

by Robert Canzoneri

Mississippi Black Paper: Statements and Notarized Affidavits

Three Lives For Mississippi

by William Bradford Huie

Letters From Mississippi

edited by Elizabeth Sutherland

Integration At Ole Miss

by Russell H. Barrett

Mississippi: The Long Hot Summer

by William McCord

Freedom Summer

by Sally Belfrage

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Notes from the Underground

New York Proclaimed

by V.S. Pritchett, with photographs by Evelyn Hofer

The Transformation of the Church

Honesty in the Church

by Daniel Callahan

The Third Session

by Xavier Rynne

Playing It Cool


by Roy Jenkins

Ladies on the War Path

The Lost Universe

by Gene Weltfish

The Warrior Herdsmen

by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

Life Study

Letters from Jenny

edited by Gordon W. Allport

The Great Erasmus

The Colloquies of Erasmus

translated by Craig R. Thompson

Split Decisions

William Howard Taft: Chief Justice

by Alpheus Thomas Mason

A Supreme Court Justice Is Appointed

by David J. Danelski

Of Law and Life and Other Things That Matter

by Felix Frankfurter, edited by Philip B. Kurland

Felix Frankfurter: The Judge

edited by Wallace Mendelson

Justice Rutledge and the Bright Constellation

by Fowler V. Harper

I’m Laughing But Don’t Ask Me Why

Square in the Eye Lys

by Jack Gelber

The Wives

by Lionel Abel

Herbert Croly’s America

The Promise of American Life

by Herbert Croly, edited by Arthur Schlesinger Jr.


A Royal Affinity

by Constance Wright

First Gentleman of the Bed Chamber

by Hubert Cole

A Royal Spy

by Edna Nixon

I Got Plenty o’ Money

The Rockefeller Billions

by Jules Abels

The African Revolution

The African Nettle

edited by Frank S. Meyer

a Political Travelogue

by Thomas Molnar

Africa: From Independence to Tomorrow

by David Hapgood

Emergent Africa

by Scipio


We Were Five

by James Brough

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