Southern Discomfort

Confessions of a White Racist

by Larry L. King

Yazoo: Integration in a Deep-Southern Town

by Willie Morris

The Too Well Known

Sir Walter Scott: The Great Unknown

by Edgar Johnson

Rebirth and Death in Czechoslovakia


by William Shawcross

The Czechoslovak Experiment 1968-1969

by Ivan Sviták

Prague Notebook: The Strangled Revolution

by Michel Salomon, translated by Helen Eustis

A Year Is Eight Months: Czechoslovakia 1968

Journalist M.

Czechoslovakia Since World War II

by Tad Szulc

Journal d'un contre-révolutionnaire (to be published in November by McGraw-Hill as Diary of a Counter Revolutionary, translated by Ruth Willard (256 pp., $6.95))

by Pavel Kohout

The Confession

by Artur London, translated by Alastair Hamilton

Stalinism in Prague: The Loebl Story

by Eugen Loebl, translated by Maurice Michael

The Czechoslovak Political Trials, 1950-1954: The Suppressed Report of the Dubcek Government's Commission of Inquiry, 1968

edited by Jirí Pelikán

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The Quest for East Germany

The Quest for Christa T.

by Christa Wolf, translated by Christopher Middleton

Postwar German Literature

by Peter Demetz

The Literature of East Germany

by Theodore Huebener

Poetry in East Germany: Adjustments, Visions, and Provocations 1945-1970

by John Flores

Did Anyone Start the Cold War?

Condemned to Freedom

by William Pfaff

The Radical Left and American Foreign Policy

by Robert W. Tucker

Promises to Keep

by Chester Bowles

Architects of Illusion

by Lloyd Gardner


by Diane Shaver Clemens

America and Russia in a Changing World

by W. Averell Harriman

From Trust to Terror

by Herbert Feis

The Yalta Myths

by Athan Theoharis

The Rise to Globalism: American Foreign Policy Since 1938

by Stephen E. Ambrose

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2500 Years of Human History—in Five Books

The Harvest of Hellenism

by F.E. Peters

Constantine the Great

by J. Holland Smith

The Emergence of the Catholic Tradition, 100-600 The Christian Tradition: Vol. One

by Jaroslav Pelikan

Judaism and the Early Christian Mind

by Robert L. Wilken

Jesus and Israel

by Jules Isaac, translated by Sally Gran, edited and with a Foreword by Claire Hucket Bishop

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