Shakespeare & Co.

Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne: Renaissance Essays

by Frank Kermode

The Masks of Othello

by Marvin Rosenberg

The Masks of King Lear

by Marvin Rosenberg

Hero and Saint: Shakespeare and the Graeco-Roman Heroic Tradition

by Reuben A. Brower

The Defeat of America

Roots of War

by Richard J. Barnet

In Dubious Battle

August 1914

by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, translated by Michael Glenny

Romance and the Risorgimento

Victor Emanuel, Cavour, and the Risorgimento

by Denis Mack Smith

Vittorio Emanuele II

by Denis Mack Smith, translated by Joli Bertolazzi

Radical Conservative

Reflections on the Causes of Human Misery and upon Certain Proposals to Eliminate Them

by Barrington Moore Jr.

News from Elsewhere

My Michael

by Amos Oz, translated by Nicholas de Lange

The Western Coast

by Paula Fox

Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions and General Tales of Ordinary Madness

by Charles Bukowski

I Come as a Thief

by Louis Auchincloss

Mumbo Jumbo

by Ishmael Reed

What Is It About the Vietnamese?

Fire in the Lake: The Vietnamese and the Americans in Vietnam

by Frances FitzGerald

Plunging into Life

Captain Blackman

by John A. Williams

The Car Thief

by Theodore Weesner

The Needle's Eye

by Margaret Drabble

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