Tiptoe Through the Tudors

The Lisle Letters provide one of the clearest records of life in Tudor England: wines at Marseilles are bad; those at Valencia are too hot. “Quarter shoes”—i.e. loose sandals—wear out at the rate of a pair a month. Thomas Cromwell contemplates making a voyage to Calais and back for the sole purpose of purging his stomach, rather than having to undergo the normal medical remedy.

The Lisle Letters

edited by Muriel St. Clare Byrne

Saving a Whale

A Choice of Days: Essays from "Happy Days," "Newspaper Days," and "Heathen Days,"

by H.L. Mencken, selected and introduced by Edward L. Galligan

On Mencken

edited by John Dorsey

The Young Mencken: The Best of His Work

collected by Carl Bode

The American Scene: A Reader

by H.L. Mencken, edited by Huntington Cairns

H.L. Mencken on Politics: A Carnival of Buncombe

edited by Malcolm Moos

Letters of H.L. Mencken

edited by Guy J. Forgue

A Mencken Chrestomathy

edited and annotated by H.L. Mencken

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National Defense

by James Fallows

Was Shakespeare a Chauvinist?

Shakespeare's Division of Experience

by Marilyn French

Man's Estate: Masculine Identity in Shakespeare

by Coppélia Kahn

Shakespeare and the Problem of Meaning

by Norman Rabkin


Gorky Park

by Martin Cruz Smith

The Greek Conquest of Britain

The Victorians and Ancient Greece

by Richard Jenkyns

The Greek Heritage in Victorian Britain

by Frank M. Turner

How to Put Humpty Together Again

Revitalizing America: Politics for Prosperity

by Ronald E. Müller

The American Future: New Visions Beyond Old Frontiers

by Tom Hayden

Spaghetti West

Land of Savagery, Land of Promise: The European Image of the American Frontier in the Nineteenth Century

by Ray Allen Billington

Elbe Swans and Other Poets

The Meeting at Telgte

by Günter Grass, translated by Ralph Manheim

Fallen Idols

Taste and the Antique: The Lure of Classical Sculpture 1500-1900

by Francis Haskell and Nicholas Penny

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