How Strong Are the Saudis?

The Kingdom by Robert Lacey

The House of Saud: The Rise and Rule of the Most Powerful Dynasty in the Arab World by David Holden and Richard Johns

Saudi Arabia in the 1980s: Foreign Policy, Security, and Oil by William B. Quandt

The Genius Syndrome

God’s Fifth Column: A Biography of the Age, 1890-1940 by William Gerhardie, edited and with an introduction by Michael Holroyd and Robert Skidelsky

Wittgenstein the Psychologist

Remarks on the Philosophy of Psychology by Ludwig Wittgenstein, Volume I edited by G.E.M. Anscombe, and G.H. von Wright, translated by G.E.M. Anscombe, Volume II edited by G.H. von Wright, and Heikki Nyman, translated by C.G. Luckhardt and M.A.E. Aue

China: Mulberries and Famine

China’s Silk Trade: Traditional Industry in the Modern World, 1842-1937 University Press by Lillian M. Li

Bureaucratie et famine en Chine au 18e siècle by Pierre-Etienne Will

China by Keith Buchanan and Charles P. FitzGerald and Colin A. Ronan, with a foreward by Joseph Needham

A History of Chinese Civilization by Jacques Gernet, translated by J.R. Foster

Chinese Civilization and Society: A Sourcebook edited by Patricia Buckley Ebrey


Gabriele Annan is a book and film critic living in London. (March 2006)

John Ashbery’s new book of poems, Commotion of the Birds, will be published in November. (August 2016)

Jerome Bruner is University Professor at New York University. His newest book, Making Stories, appeared in the spring. (September 2003)

James Fallows is National Correspondent for The Atlantic.His books include Free Flight: Inventing the Future of Travel, Blind into Baghdad: America’s War in Iraq, and China Airborne.

Ian Hacking teaches philosophy at the University of Toronto. From 2000 to 2006 Hacking held the chair of Philosophy and History of Scientific Concepts at the Collège de France. His most recent book is Historical Ontology.

Robert Mazzocco (1932–2017) was an American poet and critic.

Jonathan Spence is Professor of History Emeritus at Yale. Among his books are The Death of Woman Wang, Treason by the Book, The Question of Hu, and The Search for Modern China.

Lester Thurow is Professor of Economics and Management at MIT and the former Dean of the Sloan School of Management. He is the author of The Zero-Sum Society, Head to Head, and The Future of Capitalism. (February 1998)

Robert Towers (1923–1995) was an American critic and novelist. Born in Virginia, Towers was educated at Princeton and served for two years as Vice Counsel at the American Consulate General in Calcutta before dedicating himself to literary studies. He taught English literature and creative writing at Princeton, Queens College and Columbia.

Francine du Plessix Gray received the National Book Critics Circle Award in 2006 for her memoir Them: A Memoir of Parents.