Inside the Revolution

Family Portrait with Fidel: A Memoir

by Carlos Franqui, translated by Alfred MacAdam


Finding the Center: Two Narratives

by V.S. Naipaul

Getting to Know the General: The Story of an Involvement

by Graham Greene

The Path of a Prophet

Solzhenitsyn: A Biography

by Michael Scammell

Politics Without Party

Presidents Above Party: The First American Presidency, 1789–1829

by Ralph Ketcham

Inescapable Poe

Edgar Allan Poe: Poetry and Tales

edited by Patrick F. Quinn

Edgar Allan Poe: Essays and Reviews

edited by G.R. Thompson

International Episodes

Foreign Affairs

by Alison Lurie

Meeting the Lord in the Air

The Naked Public Square: Religion and Democracy in America

by Richard John Neuhaus

Religion in the Secular City: Toward a Postmodern Theology

by Harvey Cox

Super Trouper

Duse: A Biography

by William Weaver

Monet’s Turf


by Robert Gordon and Andrew Forge

Gorgeous George

George Washington: A Biography

by John R. Alden

Cincinnatus: George Washington and the Enlightenment

by Garry Wills

The Grab for Greece

The Prelude to the Truman Doctrine: British Policy in Greece 1944-1947

by G.M. Alexander

Seeing Through the Brain

Vision: A Computational Investigation into the Human Representation and Processing of Visual Information

by David Marr

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