To Be, or Not to Be

Choice is a great burden. The call to invent one’s life, and to do it continuously, can sound unendurable.

The Emperor Robeson

His significance as an emblematic figure is crucial to an understanding of the American 20th century

Paul Robeson: The Artist as Revolutionary

by Gerald Horne

No Way But This: In Search of Paul Robeson

by Jeff Sparrow

Female Trouble

‘What Happened’ by Hillary Rodham Clinton

What Happened

by Hillary Rodham Clinton

Death in Trieste


by Claudio Magris, translated from the Italian by Anne Milano Appel

The Pencil of Nature

Ephemeral Works 2004–2014

by Andy Goldsworthy


by Andy Goldsworthy

Lebanon: About to Blow?

No one seems to have any idea what to do with the refugees from the Syrian war

Silence Bigger Than a Table

Solo: Reflections and Meditations on Monk

an album by Wadada Leo Smith

Controlling the Chief

The militarization of the executive branch makes it timely to think about the experiences that have shaped the past generation of top Pentagon brass

The Pentagon’s Wars: The Military’s Undeclared War Against America’s Presidents

by Mark Perry

The Horror, the Horror

Isaac Babel crafted a style to shock readers into seeing the strangeness before their eyes

The Essential Fictions

by Isaac Babel, edited and translated from the Russian by Val Vinokur

Red Cavalry

by Isaac Babel, translated from the Russian by Boris Dralyuk

Odessa Stories

by Isaac Babel, translated from the Russian by Boris Dralyuk

The High Table Liberal

Schlesinger: The Imperial Historian

by Richard Aldous

A Wild and Indecent Book

The New Testament: A Translation

by David Bentley Hart

Ultra-Orthodox ‘Friends’


a television series created by Yehonatan Indursky and Ori Elon

Art in Free Fall

Laura Owens brings a light touch and a tough mind to a new kind of synthetic painting.

Laura Owens

an exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City, November 10, 2017–February 4, 2018; the Dallas Museum of Art, March 25–July 29, 2018; and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, November 4, 2018–March 25, 2019

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