The Defeat of General Mattis

As Clemenceau said, “War is too important to be left to the generals.” So is running the Department of Defense.

Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead

by Jim Mattis and Bing West

Holding the Line: Inside Trump’s Pentagon with Secretary Mattis

by Guy M. Snodgrass

The Same, But Different

Cathleen Schine’s brilliantly funny new novel ‘The Grammarians’

The Grammarians

by Cathleen Schine

Lessons in Survival

The water is rising, and sooner or later we’ll have to move inland.

Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shore

by Elizabeth Rush

The Geography of Risk: Epic Storms, Rising Seas, and the Cost of America’s Coasts

by Gilbert M. Gaul

Back on Catfish Row

‘Porgy and Bess’ at the Met

Porgy and Bess

an opera by George Gershwin, DuBose and Dorothy Heyward, and Ira Gershwin, at the Metropolitan Opera, New York City, September 23, 2019–February 1, 2020

Summertime: George Gershwin’s Life in Music

by Richard Crawford

The Liar’s Truth

The Impostor: A True Story

by Javier Cercas, translated from the Spanish by Frank Wynne

Spaniards in Mauthausen: Representations of a Nazi Concentration Camp, 1940–2015

by Sara J. Brenneis

Jesus, Mary, and Mary

‘Virgin Whore’ by Emma Maggie Solberg and ‘The Magdalene in the Reformation’ by Margaret Arnold

Virgin Whore

by Emma Maggie Solberg

The Magdalene in the Reformation

by Margaret Arnold

Man’s Biggest Friend

The origins of the elephant–human relationship date back into prehistory.

Giants of the Monsoon Forest: Living and Working with Elephants

by Jacob Shell

Acts of Extreme Attention

Karen Solie, the consummate poet of the Trans-Canadian Highway, has taken an evolutionary leap with her recent poetry, trading comedy for sublime beauty.

The Caiplie Caves

by Karen Solie

The Silver Rush

Potosí: The Silver City That Changed the World

by Kris Lane

Blaming Liberalism

Why Liberalism Failed

by Patrick J. Deneen, with a foreword by James Davison Hunter and John M. Owen IV

The Power of Arabic

Arabs: A 3,000-Year History of Peoples, Tribes and Empires

by Tim Mackintosh-Smith

Who’s Laughing Now?

Live a Little

by Howard Jacobson

Spy vs. Spy

The Spy and the Traitor: The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War

by Ben Macintyre

The Betrayal of the Kurds

It is hard to imagine a more calamitous outcome for the United States, the Kurds, NATO, and possibly Turkey itself.

The Muse at Her Easel

Celia Paul’s ‘Self-Portrait’


by Celia Paul

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