Lives of Lenin

The Life and Death of Lenin

by Robert Payne

Lenin: The Compulsive Revolutionary

by Stefan T. Possony

Impressions of Lenin

by Angelica Balabanoff

The Life of Lenin

by Louis Fischer

Hemingway’s Last Novel

A Moveable Feast

by Ernest Hemingway

The Last Years of a Poet

Rilke: The Years in Switzerland

by J.R. von Salis

The Poetry of Madness

The Three Christs of Ypsilanti

by Milton Rokeach

King Tum

King Edward the Seventh

by Sir Philip Magnus

The Stories of Peter Taylor

Miss Leonora When Last Seem

by Peter Taylor

Looking Backward

The Privacy Invaders

by Myron Brenton

The Naked Society

by Vance Packard

What Is Conservatism?

edited by Frank S. Meyer

The Conservative Papers

Introduction by Representative Melvin Laird

Mortal Longings

The Death of Artemio Cruz

by Carlos Fuentes

Report on Bruno

by Joseph Breitbach

Tennyson’s Early Work

The Devil and the Lady and Unpublished Early Poems

by Alfred Tennyson, edited by Charles Tennyson

Art and Society Again

Art, Artists and Society

by Geraldine Pelles

Bohemian versus Bourgeois

by César Graña

New Directions

The Soviet Political Mind

by Robert C. Tucker

The Harrowing of Hell

On Ice

by Jack Gelber

Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton and the Constitution

by Clinton Rossiter

The Red and the Black

Race and Radicalism: The NAACP and the Communist Party in Conflict

by Wilson Record

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