What Is a Christian?

Belief and Unbelief: A Philosophy of Self-Knowledge by Michael Novak

The Christian Intellectual by Jaroslav Pelikan

They Call Us Dead Men by Daniel Berrigan S.J.

In Search of Indonesia

Indonesian Communism: A History by Arnold C. Brackman

An Autobiography by Sukarno, as told to Cindy Adams

Five Journeys from Jakarta by Maslyn Williams

An Introduction to Indonesian Historiography edited by Soedjatmoko, Mohammad Ali, G.J. Resnik and G. McT. Kahin

Taming the Albatross

Coleridge’s Philosophy of Literature: The Development of a Concept of Poetry 1791-1819 by J.A. Appleyard S.J.

The Annotated Ancient Mariner illustrated by Gustave Doré, with an Introduction and Notes by Martin Gardner

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner with ten engravings on copper and a Foreword by David Jones


Five Women by Robert Musil, translated by Eithne Wilkins, translated by Ernst Kaiser

West African Lessons

Politics in West Africa by W. Arthur Lewis

The Penetration of Africa: European Exploration in North and West Africa to 1815 by Robin Hallett