The Self-Inventing Man


by Wallace Fowlie

Stendhal: Fiction and the Themes of Freedom

by Victor Brombert

Stendhal: Notes on a Novelist

by Robert M. Adams

The Novel of Worldliness

by Peter Brooks

Bad Times

Between Past and Future

by Hannah Arendt

Men in Dark Times

by Hannah Arendt

If Plato Only Knew

The Republic of Plato

by Alan Bloom

Plato: The Dialogues, Second and Third Periods The Bollingen Series

by Paul Friedländer, translated by Hans Meyerhoff

Plato's Analytical Method

by Kenneth M. Sayre

The Conspiracy Weapon

The Trial of Dr. Spock

by Jessica Mitford

Out of This World

The Structure of Social Action

with a new Introduction Talcott Parsons

Politics and Social Structure

by Talcott Parsons

Societies: Evolutionary and Comparative Perspectives

by Talcott Parsons

Sociological Theory and Modern Society

by Talcott Parsons


The Serpent

by Jean Claude van Itallie, directed by Joe Chaikin


by Arthur Kopit, directed by Gene Frankel

A Discordant Queen

Mary Queen of Scots

by Antonia Fraser

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