Priest of Revolution

Camilo Torres by Germán Guzmán

Camilo Torres, His Life and His Message edited by John Alvarez García

Camilo Torres por el Padre Camilo Torres Restrepo (1956-1966), Sondeos No. 5. Centro Intercultural de Documentación

Camilo Torres, Un Símbolo Controvertido, 1962-67, CIDOC Dossier No. 12. publications.)
Centro Intercultural de Documentación

The Molecular Shadow

Biology and Man by George Gaylord Simpson

The Relations between the Sciences by C.F.A. Pantin

Approaches to a Philosophical Biology by Marjorie Grene

Towards a Theoretical Biology I.U.B.S. Symposium and ed. C.H. Waddington

Mao and the Writers

Literary Dissent in Communist China by Merle Goldman

The Gate of Darkness: Studies on the Leftist Literary Movement in China by Tsi-an Hsia

Literary Doctrine in China and Soviet Influence 1956-1960 by D.N. Fokkema

Pa Chin and His Writings: Chinese Youth Between the Two Revolutions by Olga Lang

The Hundred Flowers by Roderick MacFarquhar