Number One

Everything you always wanted to know about sex*…*but were afraid to ask

by David Reuben M.D.

The Hand-Reared Boy

by Brain W. Aldiss

The Sensuous Woman

by "J."

Always New Pains

Local Anaesthetic

by Günter Grass, translated by Ralph Manheim

Mysterious Japan: A Diary

Fifteen years ago, the Bay of Tokyo supported a fishing fleet and contained several profitable oyster beds. First the oysters disappeared, then the fish, the fishing fleet, and finally even the sea gulls.

National Self-Abuse

The Pursuit of Loneliness

by Phillip E. Slater

Technology and Empire

by George Grant

What Is to Be Done about Medieval History?

Quantitative History

edited by D.K. Rowney, edited by J.Q. Graham

French Rural History

by Marc Bloch

Approaches to the History of Spain

by Jaime Vicens Vives

Political History

by G.R. Elton

Frankish Institutions under Charlemagne

by François Louis Ganshof

Masters, Princes and Merchants

by John W. Baldwin

The Twelfth Century Renaissance in this review, are listed in footnotes at the appropriate places)

by Christopher Brooke

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With It

The Confusion of Realms

by Richard Gilman

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