Old, Old Story

No Man’s Land: 1918, The Last Year of the Great War by John Toland

The End of Order: Versailles 1919 by Charles L. Mee Jr.

The Gentle Slope of Castalia

Photography and Society by Gisèle Freund

Diana and Nikon: Essays on the Aesthetic of Photography by Janet Malcolm

The Eloquent Light photographs by Ansel Adams, text by Nancy Newhall

Yosemite and the Range of Light photographs by Ansel Adams, introduction by Paul Brooks

Time in New England photographs by Paul Strand, text selected and edited by Nancy Newhall

Brett Weston: Photographs from Five Decades photographs by Brett Weston, text by R.H. Cravens

Water’s Edge photographs by Harry Callahan, introductory poem by A.R. Ammons

Harry Callahan: Color photographs and text by Harry Callahan, edited by Robert Tow and Ricker Winsor

Sudek photographs by Josef Sudek, text by Sonja Bullaty

Lotte Jacobi photographs by Lotte Jacobi, edited by Kelly Wise, introduction by James Fasanelli

Moholy-Nagy: Photographs and Photograms by Laszlo Maholy-Nagy, text by Andreas Haus, translated by Frederic Samson

Beaton photographs by Cecil Beaton, edited with a text by James Danziger

Allure by Diana Vreeland and Chris Hemphill

Eye for Elegance Company photographs by George Hoyningen-Huene

The Art of the Great Hollywood Portrait Photographers, 1925-1940 by John Kobal

Mrs. David Bailey photographs by David Bailey

Special Collection 24 Photo Lithos by Helmut Newton

Sleepless Nights photographs by Helmut Newton, introduction by Philippe Garner

Women on Women: Twelve Photographic Portfolios with an introduction by Katherine Hollabird

42nd Street Studio photographs by Joyce Baronio, introduction by Linda Nochlin

The Best of Photojournalism, 5: People, Places, and Events of 1979 with an introduction by Tom Brokaw

In China photographs by Eve Arnold

Photographs for the Tsar: The Pioneering Color Photography of Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, Commissioned by Tsar Nicholas II edited by Robert H. Allhouse

Across the Rhine text by Franklin M. Davis Jr.. the editors of Time-Life Books

Private Pictures photographs by Daniel Angeli and Jean-Paul Dousset, introduction by Anthony Burgess

Dorothea Lange and the Documentary Tradition photographs by Dorothea Lange, text by Karin B. Ohrn

Dialogue with Photography edited by Paul Hill, edited by Thomas Cooper

Photography in the Twentieth Century by Peter Tausk

Fox-Talbot and the Invention of Photography by Gail Buckland

Soviet Heroes

Soviet Dissidents: Their Struggle for Human Rights by Joshua Rubinstein

A Chronicle of Current Events No. 54 Journal of the Human Rights Movement in the USSR

The All-Star Victorian

Tennyson: The Unquiet Heart by Robert Bernard Martin

The Tennyson Album: A Biography in Original Photographs by Andrew Wheatcroft

Fine Art for Kids

The Work of E.H. Shepard edited by Rawle Knox

Edward Ardizzone: Artist and Illustrator by Gabriel White

Nicholas and the Fast Moving Diesel by Edward Ardizzone

A Child’s Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas, illustrated by Edward Ardizzone

Nabokov’s Show

Lectures on Literature: British, French, and German Writers by Vladimir Nabokov, edited by Fredson Bowers, with an introduction by John Updike


Robert M. Adams (1915-1996) was a founding editor of the Norton Anthology of English Literature. He taught at the University of Wisconsin, Rutgers, Cornell and U.C.L.A. His scholarly interested ranged from Milton to Joyce, and his translations of many classic works of French literature continue to be read to this day.

Neal Ascherson is the author of Black Sea, Stone Voices: The Search for Scotland and the novel Death of the Fronsac. He is an Honorary Professor at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London.
 (December 2019)

John Bayley is a critic and novelist. His books include Elegy for Iris and The Power of Delight: A Lifetime in Literature.

Robert Craft is a conductor and writer. Craft’s close working friendship with Igor Stravinsky is the subject of his memoir, An Improbable Life. In 2002 he was awarded the International Prix du Disque at the Cannes Music Festival.

E. J. Hobsbawm (1917–2012) was a British historian. Born in Egypt, he was educated at Cambridge; he taught at Birkbeck College and The New School. His works include The Age of Extremes; Globalisation, Democracy and Terrorism; and On Empire.

Clive James is the author of many books of criticism, autobiography, fiction, and poetry. Among his books are Cultural Amnesia: Necessary Memories from History and the Arts, The Blaze of Obscurity, and A Point of View.

Leonard Schapiro was a British political scientist and one of the world’s foremost experts on Soviet politics. His works include The Communist Party of the Soviet Union and Russian Studies; he also translated Turgenev’s novel Spring Torrentsinto English.

A.J.P. Taylor (1906–1990) was a British diplomatic historian.

Robert Towers (1923–1995) was an American critic and novelist. Born in Virginia, Towers was educated at Princeton and served for two years as Vice Counsel at the American Consulate General in Calcutta before dedicating himself to literary studies. He taught English literature and creative writing at Princeton, Queens College and Columbia.

Sheldon S. Wolin is Professor Emeritus of Politics at Princeton.

Henri Zerner, Professor of History of Art and Architecture at Harvard, is the author of Renaissance Art in France: The Invention of Classicism and Écrire l’histoire de l’art: Figures d’une discipline.