Nabokov’s Dark Treasures

The Magician's Doubts: Nabokov and the Risks of Fiction

by Michael Wood

Can You Trust Vasari?

Giorgio Vasari: Art and History

by Patricia Lee Rubin

An American Tragedy

The American Revolution in Indian Country: Crisis and Diversity in Native American Communities

by Colin G. Calloway

The Terror Master

Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Defeat Domestic and International Terrorists

by Benjamin Netanyahu

A Self-Made Man

Writing Was Everything

by Alfred Kazin

Under an Evil Star

Nazi Germany: A New History

by Klaus P. Fischer

The Origins of Nazi Genocide: From Euthanasia to the Final Solution

by Henry Friedlander

It Takes All Kinds

The Next American Nation: The New Nationalism and the Fourth American Revolution

by Michael Lind

Adrift in Iberia

The Stone Raft

by José Saramago, translated by Giovanni Pontiero

What Are American Interests?

Temptations of a Superpower

by Ronald Steel

Reductionism Redux

Nature's Imagination: The Frontiers of Scientific Vision

edited by John Cornwell, Introduction by Freeman Dyson

Southern Comfort

The Southern Tradition: The Achievement and Limitations of an American Conservatism

by Eugene D. Genovese

The Slaveholders' Dilemma: Freedom and Progress in Southern Conservative Thought, 1820–1860

by Eugene D. Genovese

The Southern Front: History and Politics in the Cultural War

by Eugene D. Genovese

The Marlowe Murder Case

The Reckoning: The Murder of Christopher Marlowe

by Charles Nicholl

A Dead Man in Deptford

by Anthony Burgess

The Crusade Against Cosa Nostra

Excellent Cadavers: The Mafia and the Death of the First Italian Republic

by Alexander Stille

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