A Different Kind of Courage

Radical Hope: Ethics in the Face of Cultural Devastation

by Jonathan Lear

Brush with Genius


Catalog of the exhibition edited by Miguel Falomir

The Unclosed Circle

We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live: Collected Nonfiction

by Joan Didion, with an introduction by John Leonard

Our Shaky Beginnings

Captain John Smith: Writings with Other Narratives of Roanoke, Jamestown, and the First English Settlement of America

by Captain John Smith

The Jamestown Project

by Karen Ordahl Kupperman

Jamestown: The Buried Truth

by William M. Kelso

Savage Kingdom: The True Story of Jamestown, 1607, and the Settlement of America

by Benjamin Woolley

A Land as God Made It: Jamestown and theBirth of America

by James Horn

Pocahontas, Powhatan, Opechancanough: Three Indian Lives Changed by Jamestown

by Helen C. Rountree

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Hard Truth About Palestine

Once Upon a Country: A Palestinian Life

by Sari Nusseibeh, with Anthony David

The Malibu Decameron

Ten Days in the Hills

by Jane Smiley

The Philosophy of 3 AM

The Collected Poems, 1956–1998

by Zbigniew Herbert, edited and translated from the Polish by Alissa Valles, with additional translations by Czeslaw Milosz and Peter Dale Scott and an introduction by Adam Zagajewski

The House of Edith

Edith Wharton

by Hermione Lee

Hero of Birdland

All Things Reconsidered: My Birding Adventures

by Roger Tory Peterson, edited by Bill Thompson III

The Art of Vengeance

Collected Stories

by Roald Dahl, with an introduction by Jeremy Treglown

Plain Tales from British India

The Scandal of Empire: India and the Creation of Imperial Britain

by Nicholas B. Dirks

The Ruling Caste: Imperial Lives in the Victorian Raj

by David Gilmour

Turning the Philby Case on Its Head

Deceiving the Deceivers: Kim Philby, Donald Maclean, and Guy Burgess

by S.J. Hamrick

A Capacity for Impudence

Beaumarchais in Seville: An Intermezzo

by Hugh Thomas

Why They Believed in Stalin

Tear Off the Masks! Identity and Imposture in Twentieth-Century Russia

by Sheila Fitzpatrick

Revolution on My Mind: Writing a Diary Under Stalin

by Jochen Hellbeck

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