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Antisocial Media: How Facebook Disconnects Us and Undermines Democracy by Siva Vaidhyanathan

Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier

Should We Reopen the Asylums?

Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad and Criminal in 19th-Century New York by Stacy Horn

Genetics in the Madhouse: The Unknown History of Human Heredity by Theodore M. Porter

No One Cares About Crazy People: My Family and the Heartbreak of Mental Illness in America by Ron Powers

Insane: America’s Criminal Treatment of Mental Illness by Alisa Roth

American Devilry

Beautiful Country Burn Again: Democracy, Rebellion, and Revolution by Ben Fountain

Behold, America: The Entangled History of “America First” and “The American Dream” by Sarah Churchwell

Hitler’s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law by James Q. Whitman


Christopher R. Browning is Frank Porter Graham Professor of History Emeritus at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the author, most recently, of Remembering Survival: Inside a Nazi Slave-Labor Camp.
 (February 2019)

Drew Gilpin Faust is President Emerita and Lincoln ­Professor of History at Harvard. She is the author of This ­Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War, among other books.
 (October 2018)

Ian Frazier is the author of eleven books, including Great Plains, Family, On the Rez, and Hogs Wild: Selected Reporting Pieces. (August 2019)

James Gleick’s most recent book is Time Travel: A History. (August 2019)

Vona Groarke’s latest book is her Selected Poems. She teaches at the University of Manchester and is a 2018–2019 ­Cullman Fellow at the New York Public Library.
 (October 2018)

Adam Hochschild’s books include King Leopold’s Ghost, To End All Wars, and, most recently, Lessons from a Dark Time and Other Essays. He teaches at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley. (September 2019)

Tim Judah is currently a Fellow at the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen in Vienna. He has reported for The New York Review from, among other places, ­Afghanistan, Serbia, Uganda, and Armenia.
 (October 2018)

Regina Marler is the author of Bloomsbury Pie: The Making of the Bloomsbury Boom. She edited Queer Beats: How the Beats Turned America on to Sex and Selected Letters of Vanessa Bell. (August 2019)

David Oshinsky is the Director of the Division of Medical Humanities at NYU Langone Health and a Professor in the Department of History at NYU. His most recent book is Bellevue: Three Centuries of Medicine and Mayhem at America’s Most ­Storied Hospital.
 (October 2018)

Geoffrey O’Brien’s books include The Phantom Empire, Stolen Glimpses, Captive Shadows: Writing on Film, 2002–2012, and, most recently, the poetry collection The Blue Hill. (August 2019)

Francine Prose is Distinguished Writer in Residence at Bard. Her newest book is a collection of essays, What to Read and Why.
 (November 2018)

Stacy Schiff is the author of, among other books, Véra (Mrs. Vladimir Nabokov), Cleopatra: A Life, and The Witches: ­Suspicion, Betrayal, and Hysteria in 1692 Salem.
 (October 2018)

Madeleine Schwartz is launching a new iteration of the magazine The Dial. She won the 2019 European Press Prize for opinion writing. (October 2019)

Adam Thirlwell’s latest novel is Lurid and Cute. (June 2019)

Heather Ann Thompson is a Professor of History at the University of Michigan. Her book Blood in the Water: The Attica Prison Uprising of 1971 and Its Legacy won the Pulitzer Prize in History.
 (October 2018)

Jacob Weisberg is the former Editor of Slate. His most ­recent book is Ronald Reagan. (October 2018)

Jeffrey Yang’s new collection of poems is Hey, Marfa. (October 2018)