Wanting Wrong

On Miranda Popkey’s ‘Topics of Conversation’ and Ariana Harwicz’s ‘Die, My Love’

Topics of Conversation

by Miranda Popkey

Die, My Love

by Ariana Harwicz, translated from the Spanish by Sarah Moses and Carolina Orloff

Family Values

The women in Leila Slimani’s novels are unhappy.


by Leila Slimani, translated from the French by Sam Taylor

The Perfect Nanny

by Leila Slimani, translated from the French by Sam Taylor

Sex and Lies

by Leila Slimani, translated from the French by Sophie Lewis

Le Pays des Autres: Première Partie: La guerre, la guerre, la guerre

by Leila Slimani

Less Punishment, More Justice

We need to rethink the institutional structures that will determine criminal justice policy for years to come.

Punishment Without Crime: How Our Massive Misdemeanor System Traps the Innocent and Makes America More Unequal

by Alexandra Natapoff

Prisoners of Politics: Breaking the Cycle of Mass Incarceration

by Rachel Elise Barkow

Sketches from Solitude

Constance Fenimore Woolson: Collected Stories

edited by Anne Boyd Rioux

France: After Lockdown, the Street

Over the course of a long, strange April—during which France recorded nearly 20,000 Covid-19 deaths—something had shifted.

Fiction and Responsibility

Andrew Altschul’s ‘The Gringa’

The Gringa

by Andrew Altschul


Toxic residues from the Civil War, the Vietnam War, and the so-called war on terror continue to flow into American politics.

Sun Ra: ‘I’m Everything and Nothing’

The photographer Ming Smith’s pictures of Sun Ra from 1978 beautifully capture his energy.

A Connoisseur of Yearning

My Autobiography of Carson McCullers

by Jenn Shapland

How to Fix Child Poverty

The National Academies estimate that child poverty costs the country $800 billion to $1.1 trillion a year—including lower adult earnings, worse health, and higher crime.

Invisible Americans: The Tragic Cost of Child Poverty

by Jeff Madrick

A Roadmap to Reducing Child Poverty

a report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, edited by Greg Duncan and Suzanne Le Menestrel

Fighting for the ‘Cause’

Deacon King Kong

by James McBride

Water Music

Nobody: A Hymn to the Sea

by Alice Oswald

Falling Awake

by Alice Oswald

Memorial: A Version of Homer’s Iliad

by Alice Oswald, with an afterword by Eavan Boland

Weeds and Wild Flowers

by Alice Oswald, with etchings by Jessica Greenman

Spacecraft Voyager I: New and Selected Poems

by Alice Oswald

Clear, Inclusive, and Lasting

Eric Hobsbawm’s works themselves are his memorial. What is there to learn from his biography?

Eric Hobsbawm: A Life in History

by Richard J. Evans

Meet Me in Buenos Aires: A Memoir

by Marlene Hobsbawm, with an introduction by Claire Tomalin

Racism on the Road

In ‘Driving While Black,’ Gretchen Sorin examines the struggle to abolish segregation on the highways and byways in Jim Crow America.

Driving While Black: African American Travel and the Road to Civil Rights

by Gretchen Sorin

Overground Railroad: The Green Book and the Roots of Black Travel in America

by Candacy Taylor

Clean Lines, Messy Lives

“The Hernandez brothers’ recurring characters have aged and sprawled out into baroque, visionary stories that alternate between near-anthropologic detail, fantastical pulp, and sexual fetishes.”

Is This How You See Me?

by Jaime Hernandez


by Jaime Hernandez

The Future Was His

Inventing Tomorrow: H.G. Wells and the Twentieth Century

by Sarah Cole

The Scandal of Our Drug Supply

‘Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom’ by Katherine Eban

Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom

by Katherine Eban

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